Pledge to never purchase a CD contaning DRM

Pledge to never purchase a CD contaning any form of Digital Rights Management/Copy Protection.

3 thoughts on “Pledge to never purchase a CD contaning DRM”

  1. F*@# THIS S*&%! i was trying (five times or so) to burn MY COPY (i PAID for it) of “welcome to jamrock” to MY hard drive before i figured this out. they don’t even give you the common courtesy of TELLING you you can’t burn your own CD. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!

  2. I’m going to sound salesman like here, but seriously…the greatest thing abour is not the 50 free songs, but the lack of DRM. I’m done with Cd’s, done with iTunes, etc.

    Cheap and painless…

  3. when you do it that way (CD -> HD) it’s called ripping, not burning. but yeah, it’s annoying. i had to go “steal” mp3s of the newest ben folds and springsteen albums once i found out the dualdiscs couldn’t be ripped to my HD. what i don’t understand is how these schemes aren’t violating fair use law.

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