The Raconteurs – “Broken Boy Soldier” video

Beggars has posted the new Raconteurs video for “Broken Boy Soldiers” to YouTube:

I’m still surprised about how good this band was at Lollapalooza. They sounded so much better and more badass than the album.

5 thoughts on “The Raconteurs – “Broken Boy Soldier” video”

  1. Maybe his solo stuff is good? I was interested in checking it out until I heard this record.

    I like what the band is going for, but BB’s got a long way to go to be putting a lame-o like “Hands” or an undeveloped idea like “Call it a Day” up next to Jack White’s stuff. And the stuff of Benson’s that’s good, like “Store Bought Bones”– JW is all over it making sure it rocks to his specifications.

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