Velvet Underground Rarity under the Gavel

4-25-66A one-of-a-kind Velvet Underground acetate is being auctioned off on ebay. These are the legendary “lost Scepter Studios recordings” that include the original, unreleased versions of “European Son,” “Heroin,” “Venus In Furs,” and “I’m Waiting For The Man.” The other five tracks are the same takes that were released on Velvet Underground & Nico, but with different mixes.

There had been talk of Universal buying this and releasing it, but apparently that fell through… Current bid is $18,600.00 and bidding ends on December 8. If you’ve got some extra cash, buy this and upload the mp3s so we can all hear the first Velvets album as Andy Warhol originally intended it.

Via Percolator.

5 thoughts on “Velvet Underground Rarity under the Gavel”

  1. hmm. i would think 20k would still be a pretty low investment for a label to purchase it and release it somehow. i would imagine ownership doesn’t give rights to release it?

  2. I wonder if Penn Jillette (sp?) is bidding on it. I know he has an incredible VU collection. According to him, “Lou Reed comes to ME when he wants to check out some of his old recordings.”

    he also collects pieces of skin with tattoos on them – as in DEAD PEOPLE’s tattoos. Maybe it was even dead convict’s tattoos, i forget.

  3. I’m fairly sure that ownership wouldn’t give the winner the right to release it. They’d be looking at more than the (current) bid price of $37K to get this thing out. I’m not sure why the guy who bought it for seventy-five friggin’ cents didn’t do that in the first place.

    So. jealous.

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