Rob Sheffield on Dane Cook: Where’s the Funny?

His HBO series, Tourgasm, was somewhat entertaining but that was due almost entirely to the three other comics on the show. He’s made a HUGE name for himself on the college touring circuit (which I guess makes him the new Carrot Top–lucky him) through his admittedly forward-thinking use of social networking sites and Internet marketing. But, is Dane Cook funny? At all? Not to Rob Sheffield.

Taylor Dayne. Cookie Monster. The Great Dane next door. Cooke City, Montana. A prune Danish. The Bugs Bunny cartoon that goes, “Cook! Where’s my hasenpfeffer?” This is just a partial list of things that are funnier than Dane Cook, but let’s stop here or we could go on all day, like one of Dane’s monologues.

6 thoughts on “Rob Sheffield on Dane Cook: Where’s the Funny?”

  1. You know, I used to think Cook was pretty funny, but his routines have turned into these endless rambles with little payoff. He can be amusing, but he ain’t no David Cross, Lewis Black or Sarah Silverman.

  2. I feel the exact same way Jaime. I liked him in the days of the Kool-Aid, Burger King bits…but I think he fell off. Tourgasm was awful.

  3. Tourgasm was terrible and it showed that he is kind of an asshole too. Maybe fame is going to his head.

    I agree that his older bits were funnier, especially the ones on Catholicism. Now his act has gotten old.

    You’re right, he ain’t no Lewis Black, who I think is brilliant!

  4. I work with a lot of twenty-somethings and they all would tell me that Dane Cook was the shit. He wasn’t, and Tourgasm proved it. Worst of all, they’d never seen one episode of Mr. Show, which brought their comedic credibility down a few notches with me.

  5. Meh. Everyone I know worships him. He makes me laugh sometimes, but, generally I’m just like…um…ok….

    Personally, I’m partial to Eddie Izzard for long ramblings…because Eddie is smart and actually makes you think.

  6. Do you have to tell jokes to be funny? I think Sheffield has outgrown what is currently “cool.” Bitterly.

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