Ryan Adams Fans Busted by Feds

Feds bust fans for pirated Ryan Adams tunes: “RIAA chairman and CEO Mitch Bainwol said the indictments were particularly gratifying as they come from the heart of music country.” Remember kids, be careful out there. The Man is out to get you, and he’ll take you down.

3 thoughts on “Ryan Adams Fans Busted by Feds”

  1. OK, so that’s an add to the “do not buy” list for Lost Highway Records (shame, they have some good artists) and Ryan Adams. They’ve got jail, we’ve got our wallets. 11 years? Ridiculous.

  2. if these guys get time it definately does suck, but where is the line for thuis stuff…it was not released yet and these guys put it out on a website for distro…I dont know what teh appropriate “punsishment” should be, maybe force the guys to do some legwork for Bryan Adams…

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