Syd Barrett, dead at 60

Syd Barrett dies aged 60. Sad news indeed. Shine on! Check out Rolling Stone‘s 1971 interview with Syd.

Some great footage thanks to the fantastic users of YouTube:

Look Of The Week with “Astronomy Domine”

“See Emily Play”

London, Palace Casino Douglas IOM, 1967 – “Interstellar Overdrive”


“Arnold Layne”

Syd’s First Trip

One thought on “Syd Barrett, dead at 60”

  1. The death of Syd struck a chord with me and my mid-month podcast at The Best Radio You Have Never Heard ( ) is a tribute to the great rock visionary.

    “Here To Do My Parts” is a tribute to Syd Barrett. Even though of course there is some Pink Floyd music in the show, it is more of a tribute to Syd’s vision. I like to think of it as traveling music for Syd’s iPod as he makes the trek to the Gates of Dawn, or perhaps some gardening music for the great beyond as, in his recent past, gardening was one of Syd’s few hobbies.

    Have a listen and let me know what you think.


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