Tapes ‘N Tapes – Insistor

Has anybody else noticed that “Insistor” by current indie darlings Tapes ‘N Tapes sounds a lot like Quasar Wut-Wut? Check out “Enola Gay” in particular. Even their video looks like a Quasar video. Or is it just me?

6 thoughts on “Tapes ‘N Tapes – Insistor”

  1. Yeh. I listened to a couple of their other mp3s, and the similarity holds up on those, too. And there’s always the Decemberists. 8-)

  2. What OMD song? I’ve never really listened to them, other than that “If you leave, don’t look back” or whatever it was. We’re always looking for something different to cover, so if there’s a band that we sound like, then… hey!

  3. Seriously? You don’t know the 8-‘s hit by OMD, “Enola Gay”? Before I heard your song I assumed you WERE doing a cover. You guys don’t actually sound that much like ’em – they use a wee bit more synth than you.

  4. I’m such a tool. I Had heard that there was an OMD song “Enola Gay”, and totally forgot about it. I actually thought for a moment that OMD had some really cool underground period that all Glono readers knew about except me. I didn’t write our “Enola Gay” though; for all I know Matt ripped it off note for note. That dirty sumbitch, I’m going to go punch him. I will have to go..uhm.. “purchase” the OMD song, as you’ve made me curious.

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