The Fenton Records Story on 3 LPs

Scream Loud! The Fenton Story – 32 bands on 3 180-gram LP’s or 2 CDs. This is going to be awesome. “61 Prime Slabs of Mid-60’s Michigan Teen Punk.”

Disc one
The Quests: “I’m Tempted” 1:40
Tonto and the Renegades: “Little Boy Blue” 2:28
The Beaux Jens: “She Was Mine” 3:13
The JuJus: “I’m Really Sorry” 2:27
The Chancellors: “5 Minus 3” 1:49
The Saharas: “They Play It Wild” 1:38
The Jades: We Got Something Going 2:27
The Chentelles “Be My Queen” 2:08
The Headhunters: “Time We Share” 3:32
The Assortment: “First I Look at the Purse” 2:47
9th Street Market: “You’re Gone” 2:54
The Blokes: “All American Girl” 2:49
The Sheffields: “Nothing I Can Do” 2:38
The Aardvarks: “I Don’t Believe” 2:26
The Blues Company: “She’s Gone” 2:56
The Soul Benders: “Seven and Seven Is” 1:56
The Black Watch: “Left Behind” 2:32
The 18 Penetraters: What Went Wrong 2:34
The Jades: “Surface World” 2:34
The Aardvarks: “I’m Higher Than I’m Down” 2:18
The Mussies: “12 O’Clock, July” 3:45
The JuJus: “You Treat Me Bad” 1:54
The Tribe: “Fickle Little Girl” 2:04
The Plagues: “Why Can’t You Be True” 2:43
Peter and the Prophets: “Don’t Need Your Lovin'” 2:41
Tonto and the Renegades: “I Knew This Thing Would Happen” 2:50
Barons: “Try a Love with Me” 1:50
The Quests: “Shadows in the Night” 2:37
Me and Dem Guys: “Come on Little Sweetheart” 2:11
Renegades V: “Wine, Wine, Wine” 2:26

Disc two
The Plagues: “I’ve Been Through It Before” 2:38
The Mussies: “Louie, Go Home” 2:23
The Fugitives: “You Can’t Blame That on Me” 2:44
The Legends: “I’ll Come Again” 2:09
The JuJus: “Do You Understand Me” 2:36
The Quests: “Psychic” 2:35
9th Street Market: “I’m a Baby” 2:39
Peter and the Prophets: “Johnny of Dreams” 2:48
The Pedestrians: “It’s Too Late” 1:59
The Beaux Jens: “Trouble Baby” 1:58
The Bed of Roses: “I Gotta Fight” 2:47
The Aardvarks: “That’s Your Way” 2:14
The Barons: “Don’t Come Back No More” 2:15
The Jades: “Confined Congregation” 1:52
The Fugitives: “I’ll Hang Around” 1:53
The Blokes: “Slander’s Child” 2:17
Lyn and the Invaders: “Boy Is Gone” 2:39
Tonto and the Renegades: “The Easy Way Out” 2:20
The Jades: “Please Come Back” 2:11
Pentagon’s: “Try and Find” 2:41
The Plagues: “(Clouds Send Down) Tears from My Eyes” 2:48
The Place: “Poor Boys Pride” 2:25
The Chancellors: “Dear John” 2:32
The Assortment: “Bless Our Hippie Home” 2:32
The Plagues: “Through This World” 2:10
The Aardvarks: “I Don’t Need You” 2:30
The Blues Company: “Experiment in Color” 2:06
The JuJus: “Hey Little Girl” 2:00
Tonto and the Renegades: “Anytime You Want Some Lovin'” 2:03
The Quests: “Scream Loud” 2:30
The Pedestrians: “Think Twice” 2:46

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