The Final OC Finale (Finally)

Long live the doe-eyed fawn!If you’ve been paying attention to Glorious Noise over the years, you already know that we’ve had a pretty unhealthy obsession with “The OC.” For those of us who grew up on “90210,” “Melrose” and “The Real World,” this West Coast pretty people drama had our self-referential demographic in its sites from its very inception. And we stuck by it for three seasons even as the storylines got progressively sillier, the music got less and less interesting, and the characters lost more and more weight (and depth).

So, for what might be the last time, we’re pulling GLONO co-founder Johnny Loftus away from his new job as Music Editor of Detroit’s Metro Times to give some quick thoughts on the season finale of “The OC.” -Ed.

Not since Bodhi and the Dead Presidents have we seen a more heroic ruffian brought to the screen than LoJack, Chino’s final nemesis. Ne’er-do-wells nationwide must dream of leading his charmed thug life. From his earliest appearance as a sort of Ryan Atwood for the Doe-Eyed Fawn’s Bizarro Harper High world, Lo was likeably leering, a villainous goldmine of dirty surf moves and glinting blue eyes. Fuck, he even ran an all-night hoodlums-only narco party, AND drove a cool van. What budding Middle American burnout wouldn’t want to emulate him? Alas, the chink in his tough guy armor was none other than the Fawn herself, Marissa, the one-woman pain train who blew up Tijuana, shot Chino’s brother, killed Johnny with her mind, and ultimately met LoJack in Melrose Place-ian sideswipe of fated love. Yes, Marissa finally died, a casualty of bore that had to go so that we may finally see what damage her rainbow party hostess sister can wreak on Newport. And remember, LoJack took a liking to Caitlin, too. How long before we see her wearing one of his faded Priest T’s? Stay tuned.

As for the rest of the cast, there’s no question Schwartz is skipping on “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” pavement. As a supporting storyline to Caitlin’s barely legal fiefdom, Schwartz should shift the focus back to Seth and Summer – by far the only characters worth a damn this past season. If he doesn’t emphasize the couple’s East Coast college adventures, Cohen the Younger is looking at becoming the ever-harried, Woody Allen-channeling principal of his old high school, Dustin Diamond-stizz.

And Chino? Well, who knows. It’s been three years and he still can’t act, so maybe he should die too. That would leave the Cohen house as an empty nest, and a perfect opportunity to capitalize on Sandy’s revitalized career as a public defender. Sanford remains the Moral Center of “The OC,” and one of the best scenes in last night’s finale was his visit to his old office. Make it happen Schwartz, and then write a story arc where Sandy visits Seth and Summer in Boston and runs into Alan Shore, who invites him to join Crane Poole & Schmidt. At least then Chino could hook up with Shore’s spunky blonde secretary Melissa.


So it’s over. Season Three’s final episode ended with Imogen Heap’s ghostly “Hallelujah” explicitly referencing Season One’s finale that used Jeff Buckley’s version of the same song in its closing moments. Could creator Josh Schwartz possibly have sent us a clearer signal that this is the end? That’s a classic series finale move, but that didn’t keep them from promising us a Season Four. Will we watch it? I can’t say for certain, but right now I’m doubting it.

Even though we’ve wished death upon Marissa in this space before, now that it’s finally happened we’re left feeling it a little empty. It was a fantastic death scene, no question about that. Marissa’s skin was so pale and spooky, and the blood in her hair was thick and creepy, just like Lara Flynn Boyle in Wild at Heart. And Ryan was actually acting. So that was great. But there was just too much annoying bullshit this season to expect next season to be even remotely watchable.

The problem, of course, was Seth’s “drug problem” which was so inane that even Summer made fun of him for how wimpy and unproblematic it was. But when he accidentally burned down his dad’s office in a drug-induced stupor, the show crossed a line. Anyone who’s ever smoked grass will tell you how ridiculous that whole scenario was. And here are a few reasons why.

1. You’re not going to get high in your dad’s office. Even if you’re really mad at him for putting his job before his family. You’re still not going to do that.

2. And you wouldn’t leave a roach on the desk, much less the half a jay that Seth left. That’s a waste of weed. People don’t do that. Sure, stoners have been known to misplace their stash once in a while, but never a joint that they’re in the middle of smoking.

3. So don’t tell me he was too blasted to realize what he was doing. He barely smoked half a joint that was not very fat to begin with. Unless ODB’s dealer is now supplying Orange County, he wouldn’t have been high enough to leave a joint on his dad’s desk.

4. Because weed makes you paranoid.

5. And besides, joints have a tendency to extinguish themselves. That’s why you’re always going at it with the lighter. If grass really burned like it does on “The OC” Bic would be out of business by now.

Pass the ludes! We’re going to need them for Season Four.


Music from the Season Three finale:

• “Friends” by Chris Holmes (myspace)

• “Breaking the Ice” by Mojave 3 from Puzzles Like You

• “Speeding Cards” by Imogen Heap (WM)

• “Bossy” by Kelis from Puppeteer

• “Chapters” by Commuter (myspace)

• “Hallelujah” by Imogen Heap (WM, QT)

67 thoughts on “The Final OC Finale (Finally)”

  1. I was very annoyed Chino didn’t die also last night.

    I was hoping and praying Schwartz would have the balls to bless us with a double whammie…

  2. What are you talking about! They can’t end the OC. The OC is life to me, and many other of my friends. It’s the best show in the world. Don’t say such words like final episode ever. And i thought this season was good.

  3. To all the haters you know who you are. Johnny Loftus, JTL, and Alias you all can suck ass-crack forreal The OC is a good ass show and yes this season was not as good as the first two seasons but overall it was still a good season,but how can you say that Marissa and Ryan both should’ve die? that dumb as hell to say hell Marissa shouldn’t have die she was one of the key characters on the show, who ever wrote that episode should’ve at least let her leave instead of dying, after I saw the last show for this season I haven’t felt right since,thinking how is the next season going to be without Marissa, that really hurt to see her die like that, if they wanted to kill someone off they should’ve kill the drunk ass dude but not Marissa, I’m a die hard fan of the show I watch old episodes everyday except on Thursdays when they show new episodes I have both seasons 1 & 2 and waiting on the third season. So to the people hating on The OC, get ya shit together.

  4. Marissa sucked the blood out of that show for three years, well no, make that two. The first season was really good.

    It was a happy day when she died the other night. Maybe now the writers can stop pandering to Mischa Barton and actually write some better stories.

    I don’t think the show sucks per se, but this season bored even me(a huge fan) about half way through it.

    It is coming back next season but it did get put up against Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy in the same friggin timeslot. It’s going to get killed. Best thing they could do is move the show back to Wednesdays. But that would take brains on the part of the producers.

    Oh, and I like Ryan. He’s actually a cool guy when he’s not with Marissa.

  5. Charli, Charli, Charli, how could you say the about Marissa, she was apart of the life to the show as well as the other cast members, she didn’t suck anything from the show, and as for Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy who gives a shit about that the only thing that could’ve gave The OC a battle was Smallville and it comes on an Hour before The Oc so please shut up forreal, The OC is a very good and Underrated show and people should know that and quit bashing the show, either you like it or not, don’t jump on the show’s badwagon one minute and diss it the next.yeah sure sometimes you may feel that the show made bad moves as far as the story goes but above all the show is great,and just a thought, if Marissa sucked the life out the show why are you still looking at it?

  6. Marissa needed to die. That girl just can’t act at all and it was getting pretty tired watching her mope in her borrowed mansion from week to week while picking out vices and self created drama like so prada handbags. Honestly Patrick, what’s the point of being a fan who can’t stand any honest criticism of a show they like? It’s not religion, it’s just TV. Take it with a grain of salt. Ryan didn’t pull you out of a burning car.

  7. Patrick, or should I call you Patricia? Because only a 14 yr old girl would get this upset about a diss on their fav character and actually tell someone on a messageboard to “shut up”. I laughed pretty heartily when I read that by the way.

    This show is not the best these days. It was great for a while, but like all shows eventually peters out of good material. This past year it did just that. And if you actually look at the show’s ratings you’ll see that I”m not alone in this statement. It’s reflected in the poor viewership this year.

    While I like the show in general, it doesn’t always thrill me. As a viewer I have the right to be disappointed here and there. I’m not jumping on any bandwagon. I don’t jump on bandwagons or participate in backlash. I just call it like I see it.

    As for Marissa. She DID suck the life out of show in many ways. Cue the stalker of the month she always seemed to have. Something the writers threw at her character when they couldn’t find anything else for her.

    As for why I still watch? I enjoy the hell out of the other characters: Sandy, Seth, Summer, Julie, and lately Ryan.

    I just never liked Marissa. To me Mischa Barton always seemed disinterested in the part she was playing and acted as wooden as she possibly could without turning into Pinnochio.

    And your obvious lack of knowledge of how well Grey’s and Supernatural do in the ratings is apparent(Grey’s is in the top ten every week and Supernatural places a good 30 spots ahead of O.C.), as they will be on at the SAME time next season as O.C. They will kick the crap out of the show. Which I will admit is sad.

    If the show’s writers don’t pick it up and fast, there is already talk all over the place the show may not last a whole season next year.

  8. I used to chime in everytime you’d review an episode… this year I’ve been happy not to have to discuss a show that clearly is a pale imitation of it’s former self.

    I thought her death was a let-down. They were run off the road? Ryan walked away and she was dead? They had already all said their good-byes at the pool, so who cares?

    The show is just so dumb and forced now it’s embarrassing that I even try to watch it anymore. How can they possibly keep it going next year? Seth need to get Mila Kunis pregnant, Sandy needs to become a pedophile, and Dr. Roberts should stitch Marissa’s face onto Julie Cooper. Oh and Ryan should bang the sh*& outta that hot little number who’s in the circle now.

  9. That was cute the whole Patrica thing I liked that I really did. But you say I lack knowledge in the rating of Grey’s and Supernatural, well I never said their ratings weren’t good, yeah I totally agree with you it’s not the best show but as well as not the worst show, poor viewership still doesn’t make a show not good, if a show keeps coming with the same story then it should lose viewers I also agree with you as far as saying this season wasn’t up to par,the storyline wasn’t that great but you don’t stop watching a show because of one bad season you feel me and I love the criticism I do it all the time Josh, I do it while watching the show, But I just totally disagree with y’all when you say she can’t act, she pretty good to me.Mischa probably wanted to move on but I just look at it like don’t kill her off like they did just let her leave. Yes it not religion, Ryan didn’t pull me out of a burning car, but I’ve pulled someone out of one. But as a whole the show is good,thinking that this might be the last season hey what can I say besides it was good while it lasted, on to another show I might like.

  10. im watching the Office next season at its time slot instead of itunes. OC went downhill, theonly thing wirth a damn was watching Summer be cute…

    chinos annoying,mini cooper is annoying…dammit seth is annoying

  11. i guess some people just gotta know when to stop. i mean, everything ends.

    It’s better to love something for a short period of time and miss it with pain and joy than watch the love die till it turn to apathy or something else..

    The show should die with Marissa, regardless she’s a productive caracter or a annoying shity one. The story has run out.

    For me the third season was all about potential dark events but in the end they were almost just that..potencial..

    Killing Marissa was a good final, was a good story line thing. She going away in a boat – pretty lame.

    But now, puting Kaitlin to fill the absent caracther place would be annoying and shallow.

    I’m only gonna see the first episode of season 4 to see how they put the others dealing with Marissa’s death. i’m afraid they gonna act like nothing happen or almost that..

  12. I think it sucked that they killed Marissa off. I didn’t like her, and some of the stuff that happened to her was really ridiculous, but at least it gave something to the show. I absolutely LOVE this show, but I think it’s going down the tubes.

  13. i absolutly love the oc but i only started wotching it on series 2. marissa cooper was never my fave character but i still think it sucks that they hav killed her off.i havnt actually seen the rest of season 3 yet because in england its still showin near the middle of it.evry 1s sayin dat mini-coops gunna take her place and taylor will become one of the main characters. whats the point they chose the 2 most annoying people 2 take her place!!!!! when i first heard about it i was so upset but what people need to remember is that its only a show and theres no point getting your own personal life muddeld in with it! its ovbious thatall the mischa barton lovers will soon loose interest with the show and watch her in bigger better dreading the beginning of season 4 (if there is gunna b 1?!?!) because for about 20 episodes its gunna be soooooooooo depresing,summer will be crying,ryan will be moody,seth will jus smoke more pot and the show may or may not fall apart. like i said before i think that they should of killed off a feature character like they did with jonny harper,he got on my nerves but maybe him and marissa were ment to be togetha wetha in this life or the next!

  14. marissa wasnt my fav ch. aswell and i get where you are coming from not sure if ill lose interest in the show but im posotive that millions of people will,also i dont think that its rite that people should talk shit bowt mischa because its her desicion when she wants to quit the OC and i think thats shes been very takes guts to quit a show with so much potential and i hope and think that shes going to move on to bigger better things,i can assure you that were goin to see alot more of mischa barton in the future and i hope that she does well for herself.

    remember OC fans:

    you should be supporting mischa and not gettin moody

    she gave alot to the OC and people need to remember that,

    even tho it wont be the same any more,

    be thankful that she contributed so much in seasons 1,2,3,

    good luck mischa xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. There could be some hope for Season Four after all.

    ‘Burb-Side Assistance:

    Pop-culture phenom The O.C. has taken a drubbing in the last two years — both creatively and in the ratings (viewership dropped from 7.2 to 5.1 million in the last year). “It became too much of a melodrama,” admits creator Josh Schwartz, who spoke to EW two weeks before the May 18 season finale. “We’re going to get back to the funnier, quirkier qualities we had,” he says. To ensure that happens, Schwartz will return to the show full-time at the start of season 4, taking back control he had ceded to his O.C. writers. As he begins to formulate plotlines, we asked him for his plan to revive the series.

    Learn From 90210 With most of the kids gearing up for higher education, it’s tempting to envision joint keggers. But, says Schwartz: “We’re tackling college in a realistic way. It’s not OCU, where all the kids attend the same college.” Also, don’t expect Sandy (Peter Gallagher) and Kirsten (Kelly Rowan) to vanish as 90210‘s Jim and Cindy Walsh did.

  16. how crap was that ending. why finish a season with people feeling like crap, why not finish with everyone moving on, leaving with flash backs of the times they spent at the oc.

    the only good thing that came out of that final episode was that hot bitch katlin man shes hot!!! and shes satying yesssss

  17. i cant belive they killed marrissa. she was such a vital character in the show. although the seanson wasn’t as good as the other two it still had some intresting plot twists. The on off situation with seth and summer was very annoying and boring as it never came to a end. The OC is my life so they better keep making new series that are better and better!!!!

  18. lauren, I so don’t agree with you. With Marissa and Ryan it was always the same thing: her getting a fling, him getting jealous, she asssuring it’s nothing, him leaving her etc, etc. Besides, it’s true that Chino can’t act. Barton is better, I must say, but Brody and Bilson really are the stars in the show! There is so much emotion, so much chemistry, so much feeling in their performace. Thanks to them and some others the show is really worth watching – plus the purrrfect music!

    But as many said before me, what will become of the show now that they all are separated, fleeing the OC? It won’t be a show without the Fearsome Foursome, and it can’t be “the OC” set in Rhode Island. So I’m one of those who will keep myself update to the happenings of the show, but I doubt I will be watching it. Who cares about that silly little Kaitlin? It’s the Foursome we love.

  19. it’s ridiculous that people who make television, and who nows everything about that let die a show like they are doing with the o.c, i can’t imagine what’s next in the next season,the show could have lasted much more, recovering from this last season that wasn’t the best, but now i think that this could be the end for a show that could have given much more.

    The cast is amazing, and Josh Schwartz and his team made a great work with the scripts and the story, till now, i think they are gonna have to resort to desperate attempts to save the show, that right now seems to be condemned to the failure.

    Killing marissa it’s not the way to recover rating, it is not either a good idea to bring a new generation to newport beach cos’ the hook of the show is indeed the relationship between ryan marissa seth and summer, and everything that they must confront, the chemistry between the characters…

    the error of the third season was that people got tired of the drama, unlike the two first seasons that although were charged of conflicts had amused breathings, then, to finish with the excess drama,there is just one single way.. sure!lets kill the main character… is absurd, the show needed a breath and this end of season was not the best one for that.

    I really hope that they now what they are doing,cos’ they are risking too much with this twist.

    And if is realy the end, it’s so sad, cos’ like i said before, the show could have given much more.

  20. I live in Sydney and we are yet to see the season 3 finale, but I’m very excited about it. The best thing about Marissa is her hair and amazing clothes. I think it takes balls to kill off a central character, so good on them.

  21. How the hell can any of you people say that marissa should of died! Shes one of the main characters and the episodes arent the same without her,neither is ryan the same old ryan without her! Marissa and Ryan its how its meant to be! and Seth and Summer always! I cant bare to think season 4 coming out with no marissa! and just Caitlin and Taylor! Seth & Summer make the comedy of The O.C! Everyone loves them 4 tht! Lastly season 3 was good! but everyone has to agree season 1 & 2 rocked high heavens!!! nothing could beat it! and nothing ever will! The O.C is the best proggramme ever! its legendary! -Mad-About-The-OC- x x x

  22. The Season Finale was amazing though! And i did think Caitlin was hilarious with her jokes to dr roberts about her school grades and bra size! classic! then she gave us a good taster of what season 4 might be! with her little quirk that shes marissas little sister but now shes graduated (but as we know…dead) caitlin will take over harbour! now this i am going to want to see!!! Taylor is only funny wid the others (marissa ryan seth and summer) so i dont know what shes going to be like in season 4 as they announced shes a regular on the oc in season 4! but i expect sum good s**t from season 4! and thts what we r guna get! i cant wait! as josh schwartz said hes guna change the oc (ofcourse beta…if its poss)so we r guna be in for a whole new ride! The O.C has it all!!! -Mad-About-The-OC- x x x

  23. The season Finale was the best. Not to sure about Caitlin taking over gunna be messed up. The O.C wont be the same without the fantastic four. I can not believe they cut of marissa, what is Ryan with out her ppl gone carzy!!!. Season 4 wont be the same, seaon 1,2,3 they rocked. Just to say what will it be like without The O.C,it will be like pplz lives have ended!

    Mischa good luck you should stay into acting, maybe try singing.

    Ryan is always looking fine.

    Aww bless seth and summer it is so sweet.

    Rock on O.C

    Respect 2 the FANTASTIC FOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I think its absolute crap that they killed off marissa and im getting fed up with all these idiots saying that they’re glad shes dead, that is just a totally ridiculous thing to say and people really need to think before they start spouting SHIT. Only a handful of people didnt like marissa for whatever reason(probably jealousy)but like her or not she was one of, if not the main character and once you take a main character out of a show, it will just decline at the speed of light. They didnt need to kill her character they could have just let her go off to Jimmy but for some strange reason they decided to do the unbelievable! and let her die. Marissa happened to be my fav and i loved her relationship with Ryan and her friendship with Summer i cant believe shes not gonna be in the next series!! how can she just be gone!!! i doubt i will be watching my fav show anymore its gone to pot!! also people who think mischa couldnt act…HAVE YOU EVER SEEN KAITLINS ACTING!!! JESUS CHRIST!!! SHE IS THE FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN OF A SHOW THAT WAS ONCE SO EXCELLENT!!!


  25. omg how can anyone not like marissa! she was my fave character and i was sooo sad when she died! and yes i agree that season three wasnt as good as season 1 and 2 but thats not any of the actor’s fault! thats stupid josh schwarz’s fault for writing a crappy show this season–i mean all the actors on OC are awesome…seth is HILARIOUS, summer is just awesome, ryan is so hot, and marissa is just awesome too! i can’t believe that the killed her off! all i can hope for is that it’ll be like trey, that shes actually not dead and she goes into a coma…but…we all know thats not gonna happen. Josh Schwartz, i just have one thing to say to you:

    you suck.

    save marissa!

  26. i cant believe how sad the last episode was, i cried through the whole thing, i could understand how they were feeling at the graduation coz im graduating as well this year and its so sad, leaving all ur friends behind!!! I love the OC, it is the best show in the world and i hope it stays on for many many many more decades…. so there…. suck on that all u freaks who dont like the show

  27. i wasn’t all that impressed

    everything is completly predictedable.

    Honestly nobody cares if marissa died but mariisa was the OC. a show about a boy from “chino” and although summer and seth are extremely cute! the limits of them breaking up and making up is unlimited! Not to mention the next sesion, we think marissa is gone, but no we will have to see everybody upset and then there’s that vulture guy (mint!) of course they will want revenge.

    i know everyshow needs a cliffhanger…but it would of be a pleasure to end it on a happy note.

    RIP marrisa

  28. omg marissa is dead!!! i cant get used to it! the oc with out ‘the gang’ isnt the same. marissa and ryan, seth and summer is how its supposed to be! they totally made a mistake killing off marissa…. but i guess they were forced to if mischa wanted to quit! she was the best character eva!

    XxXx Marissa and Ryan 4ever xXxX

  29. i cant believe it about marrissa however i was reading forums today and there is a rumour that she is just in a comma. i really hope she is. that last episode made me cry n i still cry when i think about it now.

    also if u look right at the end of the finale there is ryan and sandy in suits but caitlin isnt so i think it is because they were going to get vulchok in jail. he bloody well deserves it.

    i pray and pray that marissa isnt dead.

    dont know what would happen without her.

    i would loose interest with the oc pretty quickly.

    if she is dead josh skwartz u stupid ideot.

    i hope your satisfied that your show will never be watched again if marrissa is dead.

  30. i think the writers of the o.c are not very smart in the matter of taking marrisa cooper of the o.c now everyone who watches the o.c won’t watch it anymore

  31. hi my name is Taylor i’m the biggest fan of the oc i realy dident want marrisa to die but what i herd well you no. the last eposode i was booling my eyes out it was so sad. ben and mischa are mad for each other please send me a email baqck.

    love you tons and tons benny

  32. how could you kill marrisa of are you in san she was the best charicter. i mean the oc is my life its some of the series are so so sad but why coop like come on youve realy got to like about that why coudent you take her mum of the show you people are in san for taking coop of the show!!

  33. Totally agreed.

    First off, Seth didn’t smoke that much of a joint to begin with and wtf, your NOT supposed to leave it in your dad’s grabage for the whole damn world to see. Secoundly, Josh was an ass to put Seth as a druggie-mean-time. It ruined the show – I skipped a few episodes because I couldn’t stand to see that ass-face wasting himself. Cohen’s my fave charactor and all but when it comes to solutions he’s a fucking, insane, loser. ; )

  34. Ryan is a bad actor in the O.C to begin with. Sure, he has the great look and body for the whole part, but when it comes to acting, he stinks.

    Marissa dying off was probably the most idiotic thing ass-face Josh could’ve done. Try maybe, sailing away with her dad on the boat? Or something like that – not killing her, dude serioussssly.

    Then, Seth smoking pot. What are you five? Josh, you ass-face, go do somer research when it comes to drugs. K?

    Then Summer&Seth back again? Okay… first off, I would never go back to Seth with all those depressing antics he pulled off. Seriously. Adam’s hot and all, but fuck, Seth is just so goddam immature.

    Anyways, I’m dissapointed in the O.C now. Season 4 is just repeating itself on every damn episode.

  35. The first season was fantastic had made me fall in love with all of the characters especially Seth and Ryan. But, the storyline started to go downnhill as i would agree with the others. The appearances changed and everything bad seemed to happen all the friggin time, instead of Ryan staying, doing well at school and finishing he ends up where he is now. Everyone seems to have a drinking problem its ridiculous.

  36. the o.c is the best show i have eva seen. when i heard it was coming to a end i basically was crying. i have never missed a episode and i love every character in it. i am also so sad about adam brody and rachael bilson breaking up. o.c please don’t end.

  37. the oc is the best show show ever, i cant beleive its ending, josh schwartz created 2 suicides, marissa and his show. I LOVE U MISCHA AND UR BITHDAYS IN 6 DAYS..always and forever,, the oc will live on in our hearts

  38. how can you still like the oc?? the show started as a very good series, i never missed an episode, but since marissa&alex’s relationship the show sucked… they fixed 2nd season by making marissa shot trey, but the show started to sink long ago…

    i’m glad the show’s ending… with a little bit of DIGNITY, not as the best show ever but not as shit.

  39. btw… to all of you who say that chino can’t act… I’D REALLY LOVE TO SEE YOU ON THE SCREEN!! I’M PREETY SURE HE’S WAAAAAAY BETTER THAN YOU!!

  40. the oc, is a very good show..

    hate to see it go ..its better to burn out then fad away // they still do not get it/// fuck the other shows

    stick with one that works

  41. I am a huge huge O.C. fan. I can’t believe that any of you said that marissa sucked. She didn’t even come close to sucking. Marissa was awesome. It’s called ACTING! She acted the way her character was supposed to. So unless your friends with her in REAL life I guess you can’t say that she sucked, because you don’t know her. The O.C. is like my life I watch it faithfully, and I have seasons 1,2, and 3 on dvd. And when season 4 comes out, I will be the first in line to buy it. I like everyone on the show they are awesome, the act the way there character is supposed to…so everybody can stop saying they suck any time now. If you don’t like the show cool, don’t watch it. In my opinion the O.C is one of the best shows on t.v, and they are crazy to end it. To all of the O.C fans out there, props for keepin’ it real.

  42. Im glad that you agree Jeremiah!! The show really is that good. Tonights episode was so crazy. I wonder if anybody got hurt?

  43. Ok, lets be honest, if we really hated the show as much as we say we do we wouldn’t even bother to read half of the things written here. Ryan’s changed a lot, which I think is pretty lame. I mean, come on, he spent 3 seasons with marisa and barely changed, and all of the sudden taylor shows up and he’s a whole new person? COME ON people. Give me a break. I guess I could sit here and bitch and whine about how marisa was killed off and that was a big mistake, but is anyone paying attention to the fact that mischa barton quit? She DIDN’T wana do season 4. She wanted to move on, so what the heck, just let it go. Taylor is not the best replacement for her, not even close, which is why she shouldn’t even be with ryan in the 1st place. Why didn’t they just bring in a more-social version of seth and call him his cousin and have HIM be taylors lover? They should have left ryan solo. Seth and summer need to get married.

    The end

  44. Cutiepie, I agree with you on some of the things that you said but of corse ryan changed, the love of his life on the show DIED!! I think that you would change too. I know that I would. I think that Taylor can be a little hard to handle, but I think that ryan needed to be with someone. But seriously, I love this show no matter what people say about it. I can’t believe that it’s going to be over tomorrow.

  45. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the end is not near it’s here. I must say I really didn’t want the show to end, but Im glad that it ended like that. I am definatly going to miss the O.C.

  46. wats wrong wif u people y the hell did u end tha oc it is the best show eva i am like the biggest oc fan eva ive never missed an episode i like cried wen it will never b tha same again without it so plz put it bak on plz oc is gun

  47. The final 2 ep’s of the OC were shown last night and I was so disappointed! Talk about predictable, I thought it was an extremely tacky ending and proved the story writers had obviously run out of ideas as far as this show goes. By the end of the episode I was happy that I wouldn’t have to waste anymore of my life watching a show which had become utterly dull…

  48. Jess, you are so wrong!! What the hell did you want them to do? Kill ryan? Make summer sleep with seth’s dad? Taylor hook up with seth? Don’t think so!! The O.C. is an amazing show and so was the ending. They wanted a good happy ending, and they made one. What would have been the point of makin crazy shit happen if the show is going off the air? The O.C. is an awesome show I totally agree with Lisa, they should bring the show back. And the ending was great.

  49. why did they end the oc?? it was legit the best progam ever i breathed the oc i criedd i cnt believe they ended up moving bak to berkley its so depressinggg

  50. hey look you hatters of the oc . tjis show inspired me . i mean come on when ever somthing bad happens then keep going and then put the past behind i need to lean to do that.

  51. The last 3 episodes were incredibly lame and rushed. The last EVER epsisode of The O.C i wanted like a special 2 hour episode with a bit more emotion in it and not so rushed. Oh look random earthquake – que new start – 6 months later..then random flashes of like Julie graduating and ryan asking the kid for help.. geez i wanted a bit more sadness in it, not deaths or anything i just wanted a real sense of an ending.. it was such a rushed, incredibly predictable, not enough closure really altogether, it was shaby.

  52. fuck…marisa couldn’t die…that is the worst thing that happend… i don’t find much fun watchin’ season 4 now… she was just like me… and she died!! that sucks!!

  53. dudee marissa was like a good characterr and i actualy cried with that music? but then u cant end a series like that… and then not even show wat happens next :S randomness..

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