The Great Daryl Nathan

The Great Daryl Nathan Entertainment Show was the best show on Grand Rapids public access television in the mid-90s.

I was fortunate enough to get to see the Great Daryl Nathan perform live at the Interection one time, and it was a great show. I was expecting it to be stupid and ironic, but I was sincerely moved by Nathan’s enthusiasm and genuine soulfulness. He was preaching the gospel of fine entertainment! It was awesome.

And I got his autograph!

The Great Daryl Nathan

Long live the Great Daryl Nathan. Sunshiny Day!

Note: I had always thought it was spelled Darryl, but close analysis of the signature leads me to believe it’s spelled with only one R. I could be wrong…

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  1. Don’t know if anybody will see this comment…

    I was one of the original producers of Daryl’s show back in ’96. I was recently contacted by some people from BET who wanted to get some footage of Daryl to feature in a new show. Anyway, a deal was worked out, Daryl gave permission and he is going to be on. The show is called “We Got To Do Better,” it airs on BET at 10:30pm and hosted by Charlie Murphy. The episode with Daryl is going to air Wednesday, August 8th. Tune in to see Daryl finally go national!

  2. I kind of miss the guy. I’d love to see him back in action. When I was younger I saw him as a joke, but you have to give him credit for doing what he loved and not caring what people thought of him. It makes me sad to hear that he is no longer performing.

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