The Killers vs. Green Day

Brandon Flowers is a fucking moron. NME has excerpts from The Word‘s cover feature on the Killers, and it’s almost painful to read this dipshit’s sophomoric ideas about Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, and an artist’s role as foreign ambassador.

Some examples of his idiocy:

“You have Green Day and ‘American Idiot‘. Where do they film their DVD? In England. A bunch of kids screaming ‘I don’t want to be an American idiot’ I saw it as a very negative thing towards Americans. It really lit a fire in me.”

Why’s that, Brandon? Because you’d prefer everybody to be as idiotic as you? Did you ever consider that the message of Green Day’s album might have been to encourage American kids to not be idiots. Is the true intention of lyrics such as “Don’t wanna be an American idiot / One nation controlled by the media” a little too obscure for you to figure out? Hint: Green Day is advising people to think critically about what they see on television…

“You have the right to say what you want to say and what you want to write about, and I’m sure they meant it in the same way that Bruce Springsteen meant ‘Born In The USA’ and it was taken wrongly, but I was really offended when I saw them do that.”

Ahem. This mental midget really shouldn’t be allowed to ever mention Springsteen again. Seriously. The song “Born In The USA” is even more critical of the United States than anything Green Day has ever released. Bruce is actually one-upping Kanye West and saying that not only does the American government not care about black people, they don’t care about anybody!

“People need to see that, really, there are the nicest people in the world here! I don’t know if our album makes you realise that. But I hope it’s from a more positive place.”

Yes, we’re all very, very nice. Perhaps the nicest people in the world. And we have the best facial hair, too.

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  1. OK, so admittedly Flowers comes off real off-base here. As a matter of fact, he’s come off as a real prick leading to the release of the new Killers album Sams Town. Taking shots at numerous bands, claiming that his upcoming album would be the best in the last 20 years (which it’s not). All of this, I grant you. I don’t know if he’s trying to get people to think the Killers aren’t as safe as we all had assumed when Hot Fuss came out. I don’t know.

    But, I have to admit, when it comes to pure music, I’ll take the Killers over Green Day anyday. Or at least, the Green Day of the last five years.

  2. Wow, Killers over Green Day? I’ll admit, Hot Fuss has some great songs. Sam’s Town, to me, is an utter (and utterly contrived) failure. The songs just aren’t good. And the moments that are good are ripoffs of better songwriters. That’s all there is to it. Strapping yourself to the back of Bono and Springsteen does not make you a “serious” songwriter.

  3. Fair enough, n8. But I kinda feel the same way about Green Day. Their stuff the last few years feels like alternative, pop-punk, and (in the case of Warning) Elvis Costello retreads.

    On an intellecual level, neither band appeals to me. But I personally feel more satisfaction listening to the Killers. Sams Town isn’t as good as Hot Fuss, but I do really like the title track and the first single.

  4. You guys don’t think it’s cool that Green Day wrote a big-ass political rock opera? I haven’t listened to it, but I think it’s great (in theory).

  5. Neah, Jake. I don’t think it’s much of an opera. I don’t know where that shit came about. And I think the political part of it came when it was chic to be anti-government. For them, being controversial was the safest move they could have made.

    I mean, I guess it’s better that they didn’t come out singing about the infallibility of America, but I’m not about to award them bonus points for being late to a party that was already started by Eminem, the Dixie Chicks, and about a million other artists.

  6. It’s as simple as this…brandon is just totally insecure of Green Day’s success. Poor guy just wants attention. Tell you what brandon..come down to berkeley and you’ll have the kind of attention for fags like you

  7. It’s as simple as this…brandon is just totally insecure of Green Day’s success. Poor guy just wants attention. Tell you what brandon..come down to berkeley and you’ll have the kind of attention for fags like you

  8. “Neah, Jake. I don’t think it’s much of an opera. I don’t know where that shit came about. And I think the political part of it came when it was chic to be anti-government. For them, being controversial was the safest move they could have made.”

    WTF? The guys in Green Day have always had strong political opinions. It has nothing to do with “chic” and everything to do with convictions.

    YOU ought to write for NME.

  9. Jake Brown is a douche bag…

    I would normally say that starting my comment with these words is definately a childish and less-than eloquent way of getting my point across, but in this case it is still more appropriate than starting an article out with “Brandon Flowers is a fucking moron…”

    Congratulations Jake, you really ruffled some feathers by backing up one of the hugest sell-out stories in the last decade and putting down a band that for once is actually musically headed in the right direction. Greenday went from being punk rock pioneers in the 90’s to pissing out the most poppy and radio-friendly album since the last “masterpiece” by N’Sync… (which, by the way, was probably musically surperior to the powerchord-layden, and weakly written “American Idiot”)

    Now don’t get me wrong, Hot Fuss may have been even more cookie cutter radio fodder than Idiot, but at least the Killers were able to use the leverage from their first album’s success to improve artistically and make some quality music rather than just another hip pop/rock/techno teen anthem-filled album.


    Bradon Flowers is one of the few artists today with a sense of humor. If you can’t see that, you are in fact, a douchebag.

  10. “Killers were able to use the leverage from their first album’s success to improve artistically and make some quality music rather than just another hip pop/rock/techno teen anthem-filled album.”

    None of which detracts from the fact that Flowers is a fucking moron. It’s OK, Billy, there are lots of morons in the music business (believe me) and you can still like them.

  11. [quote=”billy”]Greenday went from being punk rock pioneers in the 90’s [/quote]

    Really? I guess I’m curious as to what they pioneered. Not a slam on Green Day. I love ’em and frankly I’m loath to consider them in the same article as The Killers, who are contrived posers, but if you’re comparing them to Green Day, that seems like hair-splitting. I like Green Day’s pose better, and I like their songs better.

  12. Billy, you are a jackass little high school retard! I hope you know that not only does Green Day reign rock and roll far above anything the killers will EVER do, I also arse fucked your mother!

    Say hello to her for me, shit-head!


  13. Greenday is so fresh, I love how all there songs sound exactly alike, I always know what to expect. It’s also great how willing they are to sell out, it’s not often that artist are willing to sacrifice integrity for money. Also greendays message is easy to understand: Just agree with everything they say and your not an idiot. The Killers should follow Green Days lead and stop thinking for themselves.

    Love, Marin: Greendays Ultimate Superfan.

  14. The killers frontman is a rem n he has the american idiot album all wrong … i think hes just talkin out of his ass because i liked the killers but there new stuff sounds very much like der old.

  15. i think that the killers front man is takeing the piss out of the british as well if u read what he has said …he thinks that british people hate all americans WHAT A LOAD OF BULL SHIT !

  16. I’m not sure anyone can be so offended at this guys comments. I mean, he’s not even being malicious towards Green Day. The truth is that his simple critique is more controversial than anything Green Day has ever said simply because he made Pro-America comments. In the music industry, every one is anti-American. Just like Hollywood. You all pretty much sound shock by his comments and that probably because you rarely ever listen to someone who disagrees with your political thoughts. If you did then you would realize that what Flowers said is more controversial than anything Eminem or, especially, Green Day could ever come up with. At least he came up with an original thought on America instead of just following in the steps of entertainers.

  17. But what’s so shocking about his comments is that, for a guy whose new album blatantly rips off 80s-era stadium rock Springsteen, he’s obviously never spent any time considering what Springsteen’s music of that era is actually about (read Springsteen’s response when Reagan tried to appropriate “Born in the USA” on the campaign trail.) Flowers just really doesn’t get it at all.

    And I’d say he doesn’t understand “American Idiot,” either for that matter. I’m not a huge Green Day fan, but listen to the lyrics of the whole album, and I think it’s pretty clear that simplisitic “anti-Americanism” is not part of the equation. Suburban alienation and disgust at the bullying tactics of those at the top? Sure. A healthy critique of the media and the lies we get sold? Yup. (And sorry, but if you think that’s “anti-American”, all I can say is WMDs my ass.) A hatred of the slide into from youthful alienation and anger to complacency? Sure. And the use of the disintegration of a romantic relationship to illustrate that? Okay.

    It’s not always successful, but it was ambitious (and I actually thought the music–particularly the drumming–was some of Green Day’s more interesting.)

    But Mr. “I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier”? Nothing original there. (Didn’t Bono already pull that choir shit?) He’s moved from spewing one set of cliches to another with this album, right down to his recycled porn-star ‘stache. Flowers is a definite case of (bad) style over substance. The only problem is, even his style is not his own.

  18. Green day are Hypocrites. They promote thinking for ones self and not blindly following the media, yet their albums clearly encourage others to share their anti-american views. On a number of occasions the lead singer has made comments to his fans about not supporting the american government.

    One could argue that he is just sharing a point of view but it is evident that he is using his celebrity and manipulating his power as a star to force his view points on adolescent fans.

    It is irnoic that he disencouages ‘american idiots’ who blindly follow the media and do not critically think for themsleves whilst forcing his view point on naiive fans.

    The bands power to influence millions of fans should not be misused to force their anit-american views on them and least of all should not be hypocritical.

  19. Sam, I doubt if it’ll do any good to point this out but there’s a huge difference between being anti-American and anti-Bush administration.

    Bush, Cheney, Rove and Rumsfeld are the ones with anti-American views that they’re forcing on people in ways far more tangible than anything a fucking pop band is capable of!

  20. jesus christ sam, this administration really has brainwashed you, hasn’t it? green day says think for yourself, don’t be a conformist, don’t be shaped by the powers that be. bushie says god speaks to him and tells him what’s right and what’s wrong, and anyone who disagrees with him is immoral. if you can’t see the difference between those two stances, then there’s no hope.

  21. I am not, in anyway, agreeing with the Bush Administration. I am simply pointing out the fact that green day seem to promote thinking for oneself then use their celebrity status to manipulate a generation of their fans that blindly follow them.

    I understand that Green Day proclaim to be anti-bush, but whether they like it or not the Bush administration is currently in power and were legitimately made so.

    In response to Jake’s comment, I understand that you see a difference in being anti-american and anti-bush, however I don’t understand your second point. The Bush administration was elected in, they are running a country, thats what you do when your president, the fact that they are forcing people way more than Green Day is a part of their job. thats what governments do, they make decisions on behalf of their country. Since when were Green Day voted into governmnet.

    I am not saying that i support Bush’s views or his decisions I just have the mental capacity to understand that they were elected in and they are doing their jobs the best they can and lame-ass bands like Green Day are promoting anti-administration views through their music and using their famous status to manipulate ther ‘adoring’ fans.

  22. “thats what governments do, they make decisions on behalf of their country.”

    Actually, Sam, when a president is elected and sworn in, he pledges to uphold the Constitution of the United States. It is not within his power to do whatever he wants. This nation is supposed to be under the rule of law, and the president’s power is supposed to be limited by a series of checks and balances. The president does not get to make all of the decisions. The Congress and the Courts have a role as well.

    The Bush administration has done everything it can do to undermine the system of checks and balances in the name of the war on terror. And that, my friend, is unamerican.

    Look at the Patriot Act, the domestic spying, the secret tribunals, everything… If Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were alive today they’d consider this administration far, far more overreaching than King George III. Read this if you don’t believe me.

  23. As an american living in a world of overwhelming unwarrented anti-american sentiment it is a breath of fresh air to hear someone stick up for the United States, and denounce the absurd image of the dumb ignorant american. The fact is that americans are the most generous and understanding people in the world, and by choosing to perform their dvd in europe, Green Day’s argument changes from just the need for american citizens to be more informed, to the denouncing of american values by mass groups of non americans. God help them, if this isn’t all a stunt, because they add fuel to a legitimate group of youth’s hate for america, like the likes of leaders in iran, northe korea, and venezuela. If I’m not mistaken Pres. Bush just added Green Day, and their strong(repetitive ande diluted) lyrics into the “axis of evil” though i would argue the effectiviness of their ironic media mind control, because of its apparent ability to only put non americans in a mouth foaming brain dulling trance.

  24. So Green Day comes out with this shit about hating the government….simple plan you dont like america get the fuck out, dont go all mainstreem and sing about something you hate while your living it. You can sing all you want about hating America in Hungary for all i care just as long as i get their annoying music out of my head. I owe many thanks to Brandon Flowers, because of you i can sleep at night knowing one band likes living in America with their over-paying job.

  25. “.simple plan you dont like america get the fuck out”

    Actually, Julianna, the Unites States is a democratic republic, which means the citizens (including Green Day, et al.) have a say over what America is. The better plan is if you don’t like America, fucking change it. That starts with identifying (or as you might say, “complaining” about) the problems.

    [/civics lesson]

  26. Im not saying they dont have the right to say whatever they want, but tell me are they doing anything to change america other than singing about hating it. Im all for your plan i wish people with that kind of money would do something to improve our country. Some celebrities may donate to organizations, but in the end they spend more money advertising their donations than accually doing it. all im saying is if you dont like america go live in a country full of poverty and see how good we have it off. kids today will soon be leaders and i dont want to grow up and see our country be hated by its own citizens just because some grunge turned pop band tells us so.

  27. “if you dont like america go live in a country full of poverty and see how good we have it off”

    Unfortunately, the United States boasts more than its fair share of poverty. One needn’t go elsewhere to find a country “full of” it.

  28. Julianna, don’t you think it’s possible to hate the Bush administration and what they’ve done to this country without hating America?

    Personally, I love America and I love the ideals and principles that this country was founded on. And yet, I truly believe that the current Republican party is undermining all of the important values that America is supposed to stand for. So I applaud anyone with the balls to point that out in public, no matter who they are. Even if they’re in “grunge” bands or pop bands. Or country bands. Or any other profession.

  29. How can you support Bush and love America?

    He has gotten us into a severe quagmire that we are pretty much not getting out of for a long time, at least we could leave vietnam…

    He has made the world a more dangerous place and helped boost terrorist recruitment around the world…

  30. I don’t know why your throwing words in my mouth. Never once have i even talked about the Bush administration relating to Green Days lyrics. I feel like it just makes America look bad and hell they can say whatever they want but so can The Killers and shit so can I. And this bullshit of poverty in America, yeah people here have it bad sometimes begging for money on the streets or going to a missionary for food but most of the time they have a way of help. In Africa people are starving to death everyday, or women having sex with men for less than a dollar underneath sheets of plastic. Now you tell me we have it just as bad as them. I just find it a little hypocritical that Green Day would say things like “one nation controlled by the media” and hate it while in fact they are part of the media and kids listen to them everyday bacoming followers of their beleifs, and thats fine i just have enough common sense to be content with where im at.

  31. Julianna, we’re not throwing words in your mouth. You’re the one throwing words into people’s mouths by claiming that Green Day hates America. When did they ever say they hate America?

    The lyrics to “American Idiot” are critical of how the Bush administration has manipulated the media into hysterical fear-mongering. And the American idiots are the suckers who fall for their bullshit. Green Day never says they hate America or that all Americans are idiots. But the 2002 elections proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that 51% of Americans are indeed idiotic.

    Or at least they’re dumb enough to get “subliminally mindfuck[ed]” into supporting the “redneck agenda,” as Green Day puts it (quite eloquently, I might add).

  32. Cheer up Jake…since 40-50 percent or so of eligible voters don’t tend vote for various reasons (i.e., dislike both mainstream parties, can’t get time off work to vote, snowed in/weather problems, those disenfranchised in various ways by the election process, etc.) then really only about 25-30 percent or so of Americans are idiotic for voting for Bush in the past election.

    And the real number of idiotic Americans is probably, I’m guessing, really only more like 15-20 percent, since you also have to subtract all those ineligible to vote: the kids under 18, people convicted of a felony (which in many states bars you from voting for life), undocumented immigrants, etc.

    So, really only around 15-20 percent of Americans are proven idiots for voting for Bush. Not great, but certainly helps put things in perspective…and I find is always a good thing to remember when politicians start talking about “landslides” and “mandates.”

  33. Oops, I meant 2004, not 2002. Who’s the idiot now? Me!

    Okay, regardless of percentages (and if you don’t vote, you don’t count, ha ha), there were still at least 62 million idiots in America in 2004, and that’s a lot of sucka-ass suckaz.

  34. How am i throwing words in peoples mouths? Im just stating what i feel the song relates to. I have my opinions and you obviously have different ones and i respect them. I just dont understand how you can say someones an idiot for voting for the president they feel makes a good not saying im behind Bush 100% but hes the president whether we like it or not.



  36. okay, holy shit people!!! you guys got this all wrong. billie is saying that he is not behind bush, is that okay with you? guess not right. well, billie joe made that cd yes for entertainment purposes but he also had an important message to send to these fucked up americans. and i mean fucked up big time, even though i’m an american myself, i don’t consider myself fucked up thanks to green day. think about it juliana and everyone else who feels the same as that dumb bimbo bitch.

  37. Sadly, as two years have passed since this post was mildly relevant, Julianna is no longer with us. Her Republicopter Democrashed into a giant American flag that was covered with Green Day’s newest CD. Predictably, because the CD sucks a whole bunch, everything exploded. Dolphins were killed.

  38. I missed this post the first time around but…

    I am not a fan of The Killers or Green Day, and can much less speak for Brandon Flowers. Having said that, it strikes me that his discomfort with Brit kids singing along to a lyric critical of the US that some can readily misinterpret–and perhaps I’m going out on a limb here to make a point–is akin to, say, a Jewish person hearing non-Jews call a “Jewish bastard” an asshole who happens to be Jewish.

    I was a fierce opponent of George W. Bush and his policies, but I was not happy to see that shoe lobbed at him. For better or for worse, whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not, he was my president. And I frown upon my president being disrespected abroad. I had no problem with what Natalie Maines said on stage; just where she chose to say it. If that incident had taken place in, say, Virginia, then right on.

    Kinda like I can bitch about my mom but I don’t want to hear you do it.

    PS: props to Green Day for making some political/social commentary within their music at a time when mainstream artists of a younger generation seem loathe to do so.

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