Warlocks sued by former member

The Warlocks are being sued and they need your help. Buy some merch. If you’re unfamiiar with the Warlocks, this 2002 article will fill you in.

The unedited text of their myspace post:

The lawsuit blues again…

Everything is still in the air, and to make matters worse an older guitar player from 2001 is suing The Warlocks (again). He lost the first time, which he is, still trying to appeal.

The saga of this band is Unbelievable.

This new (second) lawsuit (in our opinion) is a duplicate of the first and is intended to deplete all of our resources, leaving us unable to defend ourselves. We cant explain details at the moment -but, we can tell you that the claims against The Warlocks are frivolous and we are not liable for any allegations in the lawsuit; however we must defend ourself.

So we need your help, really we need your help!

We need to defend ourselves properly, which requires money, a lot of money. The system is bonkers and will be very difficult to defend ourselves (a band) without a lawyer (proper music lawyer). So please, buy merchandise, t-shirts, anything, or just donate whatever you can. We have never asked for help like this, but we are label less and in limbo at the moment. You can donate any amount via paypal to The Warlocks defense/debt. fund:


or to the address below. This is not a publicity stunt, we dont do that shit.

Thanks you for time, help and your understanding.

Bobby Hecksher / The Warlocks

P.O. BOX 26925

Los Angeles, CA 90026

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