Wilco’s Webcam

Back in early 2002, things were looking good for Wilco. But it had been a wild year. In March 2001, they announced their new drummer and expected Reprise Records to release Yankee Hotel Foxtrot on July 10, 2001. After that date came and went, in August after the whole album had been leaked on Audiogalaxy, they announced their split with Reprise. Soon afterwards, Jay Bennett got the boot. It wasn’t until December 2001 that they finally signed with Nonesuch and set an April 2002 release date.

Shortly after they signed to their new label, they must have been feeling pretty sure of themselves because they set up a webcam in their recording studio/rehearsal space/hangout loft. I’m not sure if anybody else remembers this, but they left it up for at least a few weeks and you could watch what was going on in Wilcoworld. I had forgotten about it, too, until I recently stumbled across some screengrabs that I had saved on my computer. Check them out after the jump…





Anybody else remember this? Anybody got any more screengrabs?

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