Zach Braff’s 10 Easy Tips for Filmwriting

Zach Braff’s 10 Easy Tips for Writing Films About Twenty-Somethings®:

3. The perfect catalyst for change should come in the form of a small, perky, impossibly cute, dark-haired Jewess, who, for some inexplicable reason, is deeply attracted to the protagonist, despite the fact that his personality is about as exciting as a soggy peanut butter sandwich.

Incredible that he never even has to mention the soundtracks…

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  1. That’s pretty amazing. I haven’t seen The Last Kiss, and I admittedly liked Garden State when I first saw it. But that movie has gotten more and more obnoxious each time I’m forced to watch it.

  2. I’ve only seen Garden State once, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Haven’t seen the new one, but I hear you see Summer’s boobies…

  3. Unfortunately, not true:

    “Actress Rachel Bilson refused to strip off for raunchy scenes in new movie The Last Kiss, forcing studio bosses to call in a body double. The 24-year-old star of hit TV show The OC baulked at the steamy scenes with Scrubds star Zach Braff, and even though she was keen to impress in her big-screen debut, she stood her ground. She says, “It’s not normal to make out with a guy in front of the camera. you can’t think about it too much or you might get too nervous and Lord knows what would happen. “I said no. I feel really strong about that.”

    It’s sad that I googled it as soon as you mentioned the possibility. But whatever: I like Rachel Bilson, and I like boobies. Sue me.

  4. 1. that post was mildly funny, in the way that making fun of celine dion is mildly funny. not that i think braff sucks like dion, but they are similarly easy targets.

    2. the indier-than-thou comments made me throw up in my mouth a little.

    3. except for the one that said “lollerblading.” that one was mildly funny in the way that poop jokes are mildly funny.

    4. i actually think poop jokes are generally riotous, but “lollerblading,” not so much.

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