Zune won’t play Rhapsody, Napster 2.0 files

Microsoft’s Zune won’t play protected files purchased from Napster 2.0, Rhapsody, Yahoo! Unlimited, Movielink, iTunes, or any other online media service. Except emusic, of course, who sells good, old-fashioned unprotected MP3 files. Remember kids: when you purchase files with DRM, you’re putting your trust in corporations to continue supporting that file type. It’s a bad idea. Update: Yahoo is starting to get it and is selling one album with no DRM. Previously.

4 thoughts on “Zune won’t play Rhapsody, Napster 2.0 files”

  1. Jeff, you can burn an audio CD and then rip that CD to standard MP3s. Note: “The default file format for ripped files is Windows Media Audio (WMA), but the optional MP3 encoder will allow you to rip these tracks to MP3 as well.”

    The Zune plays MP3s (as does the iPod and all other “MP3 players”).

  2. Of course, you will lose one generation of fidelity when you do it this way. But that’s the price you pay for buying files crippled with DRM.

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