Five Years Ago: 8 Mile-Inspired “Battles” Get Nuts

Five years ago today, the comments page for Johnny’s review of 8 Mile got so out of control that we had to break it off into a separate page because it was crashing our server: Your Comments on 8 Mile Is Worth the Hype.

And then the insanity continued on our message boards: Eminem’s 8 Mile Battles…and yours.

Looking back today, it cracks me up that we attempted to moderate these lunatics at all. Now, I wish we would have just let the crazies go on forever. What a snapshot of 2002 internet culture. Online rap battles. Wow.

3 thoughts on “Five Years Ago: 8 Mile-Inspired “Battles” Get Nuts”

  1. Five years ago I saw 8 Mile in Memphis at the tail end of a life changing road trip to the Mississippi Delta. I loved that Eminem’s character kept being called Elvis by the other characters in the film.

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