Anti- Reissues Neko Case

UpdooAnti- Records has reissued three Neko Case albums: 2006’s Fox Confessor Brings The Flood, 2000’s Furnace Room Lullaby, and 2002’s Blacklisted. Not sure what was wrong with the Bloodshot versions of those albums, but Amazon claims they’ve been remastered…

Bonus material for the updated version of Fox Confessor will boast a previously unreleased demo version of the song “Behind The House,” plus a four-song sampler that includes full-length versions of Blacklisted excerpts “Deep Red Bells” and “I Wish I Was The Moon,” plus the title track from Furnace Room Lullaby and the album’s first cut “Set Out Running.”


Neko Case – “Hold On, Hold On” from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Neko Case – “Star Witness” from Fox Confessor Brings The Flood

Neko Case – “Train From Kansas City” from The Tigers Have Spoken

Neko Case – “If You Knew” from The Tigers Have Spoken

4 thoughts on “Anti- Reissues Neko Case”

  1. This is probably completely inappropriate to mention here, as it feels kind of spammy, but what the hell? Right now, we’re selling Neko’s first three albums (The Virginian, Furnace Room Lullaby and Blacklisted) for $25 or $10/each.

    If anyone reads this, orders a Neko CD and puts “GLONO” in the comment section of the order, we’ll throw in a limited-edition Bloodshot sampler.


    Bloodshot Records

  2. aaaaah, these comments make me miss Chicago and Laurie’s Planet of Sound (which has a great Bloodshot section). It’s where I picked up all my Neko CDs, the Bloodshot anniversary compilations, John Rauhouse….

  3. I don’t think that a Bloodshot Recs comment in this section is at all spammy; you guys do great work, are a crown jewel of the Chicago music scene, and deserve to capitalize on this latest catalog change.

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