Bat For Lashes – Horse and I

MP3: Bat For Lashes – “Horse and I” from Fur and Gold, out now on Caroline.

Not sure if this would be getting as much press if Natasha Khan wasn’t as adorable as the late-60s Linda Ronstadt. See for yourself after the jump…

Separated at Birth

Natasha Khan Linda Ronstadt

Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and young Linda Ronstadt, long-lost twins.

Bat For Lashes – “Prescilla”

Bat For Lashes – “What’s a Girl To Do?”

One thought on “Bat For Lashes – Horse and I”

  1. Well, … all things considered, … I don’t think it’s the likeness to early Linda Rhondstat that’s to explain the various successes.

    But more so … and despite the uncanny (and quite hilarious) likeness demonstrated by your initial post … it’s most likely to do with the fact that the girl (and her band) can make some fairly decent and entertaining music.

    Yes, the Siouxsie And The Banshees, Cocteau Twins and otherwise comparisons not withstanding (though admittedly, accurate) … the groups does have a worthwhile quality that left me wanting to find more songs/vids.

    I especially like the video featuring the guys clapping their hands and doing bunny hops on their bikes. Truly tongue in cheek style hilarious … which, considering the quality of the songwriting and vocal performance … is not to go without mention as exceptional.

    Really subdued and effective.

    So … despite the cute and admittedly accurate likeness to early Linda Rhondstat images … I don’t think it’s necessarily that which is driving the popularity.


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