The Beatles Help! Coming to DVD (again)

According to Billboard, The Beatles’ Help! will be released in a double-DVD edition on October 30, digitally restored with a new 5.1 audio soundtrack. The second disc will contain “a 30-minute documentary about the making of the movie, a missing scene, a featurette on the restoration process, interviews with cast and crew, three theatrical trailers and vintage radio advertisements.”

There will also be a boxed set that features “a reproduction of director Richard Lester’s original script and a 60-page book with rare photos and production notes.”

This will be the third time Help! has been released on DVD, but it’s been off the market since 2000 “due to rights issues.” I wonder what those issues are. And more importantly, when the fuck are they going to release Let It Be? Seriously, EMI, get your shit together regarding the Beatles.

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  1. You would think their flagship act would get more attention…

    EMI, here’s your To Do list:

    1) Remaster entire Beatles catalog for CD. See the ABKO Rolling Stones reissues for direction.

    2) Remaster and release the following to DVD: Let it Be, Magical Mystery Tour, and any archival footage from the recording of Abbey Road.

    More to follow.

  2. I’ll be amazed if we see Let It Be before Paul dies. My videotape disintegrated about 15 years ago, but from what I remember doesn’t make him look good at all. Maybe he will let George Martin’s son cut it into a video to play behind some acrobats.

  3. I’m gonna echo johnhl, and say that it wouldn’t surprise me if the Beatles (and their estates) are suppressing the re-release of Let It Be. Yoko is a part of this movie, as is Paul. This movie doesn’t exactly paint all involved in the finest of lights. It does, however, show the most popular group in the world having serious communication issues.

  4. I don’t think Paul or Yoko come off as particularly bad in Let It Be at all. There’s one argument between Paul and George and it’s pretty minor. Sure, Yoko’s there the whole time, but she’s not barking orders or acting like a diva or anything. I think people just assume there’s a lot of friction in the film because we know that the band disintegrated soon after, but I don’t see it.

  5. Yes, but it’s not IN the film. That’s what I’m saying. There’s not so much tension in the movie itself, just in thye backstory that has come out in the 35+ years since it was released.

  6. Quoth DP:

    “There’s not so much tension in the movie itself, just in the backstory that has come out in the 35+ years since it was released.”

    …which might be enough reason for the Beatles/Apple Corps to keep the movie out of circulation. I’m sure that the movie still touches upon raw nerves for all involved parties.

    I still need to see it all the way thru, but I’ve heard that during the performance of “Get Back”, Paul looks at Yoko while singing “Get back to where you once belonged”. Assuming that’s true, if I were Teflon Paul, I wouldn’t want that footage in circulation either.

  7. I don’t know about any of that. I have a VHS of Let It Be outtakes where Yoko is jamming with the band, including Paul who seems to be totallly into it jamming his bass into a cabinet and freaking out.

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