Billboard Visits Wilco’s Loft

Wilco: In The Comfort Zone by Jonathan Cohen.

“I’ve written a lot of stuff in the past that has been very, very uncomfortable for my wife to listen to, and uncomfortable for us both to live with in the context of people reading into it in a really autobiographical way,” [Tweedy] says. “There’s a part of me that was very conscious on this record of writing directly to my wife a little bit more; some things where I can say, ‘This is how I feel.’

“I have to stay focused on what’s really going on in my world, or I’m not writing about anything,” he adds. “I feel like I’ve gotten through a lot, and I feel a lot better about my life. I feel like I’m able to contribute a lot more to my family. I don’t think any of that is sad, silly or embarrassing to talk about.”

MP3: Wilco – “What Light” from Sky Blue Sky, due May 15 on Nonesuch.

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