Johnny Loftus on Bjork

Over on Detour, JTL catches Bjork at the Fox Theatre in Detroit:

Even up close, it still isn’t clear whether or not Bjork is from the present, future, or some alternate past where animism inhabits not only humans and the lower kingdoms, but electronics and instruments, too. […] And Bjork kept everything on track throughout with that gigantic voice and the classiest hints of audience interaction, which elicited screams of pleasure every time. Did the kids up front dressed up in garish gold and streaks of makeup get tipped off on their heroine’s ensemble? Maybe Bjork really does travel through time, and she left Post-It notes in the past for each of them full of tips on mimicking her tour outfits. “Don’t have any gold taffeta? Use aluminum foil!”

Our man PLP covered a Bjork show for GLONO back in ’03.

Dig through Johnny’s GLONO archive, and relive your favorite moments from years past…

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