Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Baby 81

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Baby 81Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBaby 81 (Red Ink)

Black leather, crazy hair, a deep affection for the Jesus & Mary Chain and the various bands in their wake…what’s not to love? Hop on baby, let’s go!

BRMC’s fourth album is a tasty soundtrack to the Hells Angels’ bon fire stomp that found Hunter S. Thompson hiding in the trunk of his car wigged out on mescaline and praying for daylight. Chugging basslines and riffing guitars wind around through the darkened corners occasionally aglow with the jumping flames only to show bikers and mamas fucking in the bushes. Dig it.

Not satisfied to rehash their JAMC roots, the Frisco born/Los Angeles burned trio sets out with nods to a wider palette of influences and a deeper musicianship than the simple rhythms might imply. There’s a tinge of Stone Roses here (“Not What You Wanted”) and a bit of the Stooges there (“Took Out a Loan”). The acoustic-based “Am I Only” is reminiscent of the darker bits of Richard Ashcroft’s catalog without being a retread of the Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony” and is a warm respite from the driving force that pervades most of the rest of the album. A clomping piano and Liam Gallagher worthy whine adorns the dark pop lull of “Window” and sets up for a deeply sinister turn on “666 Conducer.” Yeah Yeah Yeah. Oh No.

I know it’s sometimes annoying to read reviews that cite other bands but when a group so handsomely wears its influences wouldn’t it be silly to ignore? Especially when the influences themselves were so sweetly drenched in their own bit of hero worship, it’s like watching the drizzles of paint from Jackson Pollock’s brush criss-cross and blend together into a new form—perfect for a Stone Roses album cover.

MP3: BRMC – “Weapon of Choice”

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  1. One year on and I’m still digging Baby 81. BRMC has a real knack for putting together solid tunes that don’t lose their flavor after a month.

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