Bowzer Fights for Original Doo Woppers

Bowzer fights against musical imposters – Sha Na Na’s Jon “Bowzer” Bauman has been lobbying states “for laws to prevent phonies and fakers from passing themselves off as authentic members of groups like the Platters, the Coasters and the Drifters. […] The law he helped enact requires that for a group to call itself by a successful name from the past it has to have at least one member of that group and be legally entitled to the name.”

Go get ’em, Bowzer! As a kid, I loved Sha Na Na. And later after I got into more “authentic” music, I remember hearing a totally badass punk rock version of “At the Hop” on college radio. It blew me away, and I remember being shocked to discover afterwards that it was Sha Na Na from the Woodstock soundtrack!

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