Chris Robley: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Chris Robley - Not sad bastardPortland, Oregon singer-songwriter Chris Robley digs that experimental folk sound and the darker elements of pop. Interestingly, Robley and GLONO’s own Quasar Wut-Wut would make a hell of a double bill. Perhaps they’re long lost soul brothers?

A tasty mix of melody a la Elliott Smith and quirky instrumentation, Robley’s new album The Drunken Dance of Modern Man In Love (Cutthroat Pop Records) would warm the heart of anyone who relates to the power of pop music to break a heart.

Proving he’s no sad bastard though, Chris Robley answers some questions for GLONO in the launch of a new series, Ten Questions We Ask Everyone, after the jump…

#1 What’s the last CD/download you bought with your own money?

Exile’s “I Want to Kiss You All Over”. By far, the best 99 cents I’ve ever spent. We listened to this song at least once a day on tour, and by “we” I mean that I put it on once a day to torment the rest of the band. They found it especially creepy and troubling when I sang along to the faux-sultry part of the song when the singer exhales a nasty old “Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhh” before the pre-chorus.

#2 Was it worth the dough?

See above. By the end of the tour, we were all singing along in unison, but changing the inflexion of our voices to the coldest possible stoic-German accent. Try it!

#3 Worst “real job” you’ve ever had?

Full-Contact Banking. Its an awkward position standing between an angry person and their money.

#4 Who is the worst band member to sit next to on the van/bus?

Myself. I film everything and make an utter mess.

#5 Most embarrassing music purchase?

A saner person would say “Exile: I want to Kiss you All Over”, but I stand proudly behind this decision. Besides that, I do own all of Billy Joel’s 80s and 90s studio albums.

#6 Build the perfect musician:

• Voice of: Thom Yorke

• Songwriting of: Randy Newman

• Musicianship of: Paul McCartney

• Personality/Image of: Syd Barrett

#7 Biggest twat(s) in the music biz?

The guys in Portland band Weinland. They’re good friends, really. I’m just contractually obligated to criticize them whenever the opportunity presents itself, according to clause 7-b of the “Fashionable Fabricated Feuds Agreement of 2007” between our bands.

#8 When I hear [insert name] I want to stick a hanger in my ear.


#9 The greatest Founding Father is:

Hamilton, because he fancied himself King.

#10 I love Glorious Noise because:

It was my first kiss back in junior high.

Now on tour with his band, Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights.


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