Creem’s Replacements Interview from 1986

Drinking with the MatsFrom the September 1986 issue of Creem: Drinking (And Drinking Lots More!) with the Replacements.

CREEM: Does it matter to you personally? Do you really care what the critics think?

PW: I’ll be honest. It does. I’d like to lie and say it means nothing. Not that we think we’re great or anything. We know exactly what we are. We get a giggle out of it, but it makes you feel good.

TS: When it’s someone big and they say we’re good, it makes you feel good—but I never really read any of that stuff about us. Unless someone’s got something bad to say and it’s funny or clever. I get a kick out of someone saying we suck because we’re arrogant little pricks.

PW: You do until they single it out and say you look like a fucking fake rock star. You can take the general bullshit but…

TS: I can take it all.

PW: Yeah, until they say something… you know what I’m saying.

TS: I know what you’re saying.

Tommy Stinson was 19 at the time of this interview. Paul Westerberg was 26.

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3 thoughts on “Creem’s Replacements Interview from 1986”

  1. Thanks for posting that. I haven’t seen it in years. The Mats were one of the greatest bands ever. Just a genuinely talented bunch of loveable screwups.

  2. …forever on the brink.

    i remember reading that issue of creem when i was a kid! that was right around the time i was falling in love with the replacements. they will forever be the most under appreciated band of all time.

  3. Y’know, discovering the ‘Mats when I was in college (between Paul’s first and second solo albums) was a blast. Their music still means a hell of a lot to me, and the fact that even still today they’re not overexposed keeps them fresh and special to me.

    Thanks for posting that, Jake!

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