Dntel – Dumb Luck

Dntel – “Dumb Luck” from Dumb Luck, due April 24 on Sub Pop.

Can’t wait for the next Postal Service album? Do you wish Wilco would make another Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? Do you like the sound of electronic equipment sputtering and dying? If you answered yes to those three questions, you’ll probably like this new track from that other guy in the Postal Service.

And hey, since it’s been almost four years, how about these oldies:

The Postal Service – “Such Great Heights”

The Postal Service – “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight”

5 thoughts on “Dntel – Dumb Luck”

  1. I answered yes to all three questions, and I did, in fact, enjoy that song quite a bit. His last album, Life is Full of Possibilities, was sort of bipolar. The tracks that were actually songs were great, the ones that were just noise weren’t. If there’s more stuff like this on the album, it should be a good one. One thing’s for sure, dude knows his way around a computer.

  2. i may have said it before, but i’ll say it again. when history looks back on the 2000s, i think the postal service record will be one of the brightest spots. just pure pop done in a really refreshing way. hipster backlash or no, it’s a fantastic pop album. (i almost wrote “fantastic poop album,” which some might agree with!)

  3. Agreed. Call me naive, but when I first heard Give Up it was like hearing pop music for the first time again. I still love that album.

  4. Its funny Ben Gibbard is given most of the credit for the Postal Service when Jimmy Tamborello did almost all of the music, and nearly all the remixes are done by his friends. I would consider gibbard “the other guy” in the postal service.

    Life is full of possibilities was a fantastic album, if you cant hear the music some of the tracks then glitch/electronica just isnt your thing. Stick to more poppy stuff. Dumb Luck is turning out to be a fantastic album, cant wait for it,

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