Dolly Goes Indie

According to Billboard, Dolly Parton is launching her own label:

“She’s a free agent right now so we decided to go around to the majors to at least see what kind of distribution deals they were bringing in, and didn’t see anything I was interested in,” says [Parton’s manager, Danny] Nozell, who adds that he then proceeded to put a marketing plan together on his own.

“To be honest, we have the finances the major labels have, and I put together a marketing plan that was way more extensive than any major has brought to me,” Nozell says.

Go, Dolly, go! Sock it to the man. Ever notice she’s always wearing long sleeves and you never see her arms? Rumor has it that’s because her arms are covered in butch tattoos! How indie is that?

Dolly Parton – “Dumb Blonde,” 1967

2 thoughts on “Dolly Goes Indie”

  1. I just read in Harp magazine in an interview with Jack White about how he would love to work with Dolly Parton. I think that would be pretty damn cool.

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