Download Rolling Stones DRM Free

According to Billboard: Rolling Stones Roll Out DRM-Free Albums.

London-based 7digital has become the first digital media delivery company to make available EMI’s Rolling Stones catalog as DRM-free MP3s.

The 24 albums are delivered at the high-quality 320 kbps rate, and for the next four weeks will exclusively retail at at a special price point of £5.49 each ($11). After the promotion expires, the albums will cost £7.99 ($16) to download.

EMI owns all of the studio and live albums since 1971. Highlights include:

Sticky Fingers

Exile on Main Street

Goats Head Soup

It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll

They even allow you to pay with PayPal and there appears to be no restrictions against foreigners. I might actually purchase something!

Update: Wal-Mart, too, at 94 cents per track or $9.22 per album.

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