Elliott Smith Rarities Comp from KRS

New Moon, a new Elliott Smith compilation of recordings made for Kill Rock Stars between 1995 and 1997, is due May 8, according to Billboard. His albums for KRS, Elliott Smith and Either/Or, are two of the best albums of the 90s.

Mediocre quality versions of many of these songs have been traded around by fans for years, and mp3s had been available at Elliott Smith: B-Sides & Other Songs, but the songs appearing on New Moon have recently been removed “by request.” Fair enough. It will be great to finally get to hear this material in the fidelity it deserves.

Tracklisting after the jump…

Disc 1:

“Angel in the Snow”

“Talking to Mary”

“High Times”

“New Monkey”

“Looking Over My Shoulder”

“Going Nowhere”

“Riot Coming”

“All Cleaned Out”

“First Timer”

“Go By”

“Miss Misery” (early version)


Disc 2:

“Georgia Georgia”

“Whatever (Folk Song In C)”

“Big Decision”


“New Disaster”

“Seen How Things Are Hard”

“Fear City”


“Pretty Mary K” (other version)

“Almost Over”

“See You Later”

“Half Right”

KRS-era MP3s:

Between the Bars from either/or (KRS 269)

Some Song from Needle in the Hay 7″ (KRS 239) and Some Songs compilation CD (KRS 276)

Lucky Three, a film by Jem Cohen with music by Elliott Smith

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  1. i didn’t know the investigation into his death was still open. i thought it was ruled as a suicide. anyway, thanks for the info. looking forward to hearing this when it gets released.

  2. i didn’t know the case was still open, but i did know the police weren’t too sold on the suicide thing, since he was stabbed in the heart and had what appeared to be defense wounds on his hands.

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