Expert P.R. advice for Britney

Public relations gurus Lizzie Grubman, Ronn Torossian, and Matthew Traub tell Britney Spears how to handle her press issues: “Showing a little motherly love would be appropriate, but I don’t think that is the only silver bullet. It’s a mix of showing yourself to be a rational human being, which is not something she has done lately.”

More: “Major public wake-up call and damn soon. Britney Spears was legitimately an A-List superstar, and now she’s on the ‘can’t touch’ this list. She’s in MC Hammer league. There’s no brand that will want to be associated with her. With celebrities, you are selling a brand, no matter what. Whether you are Jay-Z or a D-Lister on The Surreal Life, you are selling a brand. Britney Spears is untouchable now. Someone has to talk sense into her and change that.”

Aren’t P.R. people fascinating? Do they really talk like that? Or is that just the reality of celebrity in 2007? Creepy.

2 thoughts on “Expert P.R. advice for Britney”

  1. Of course they talk like that. It’s one of many reasons why only paparazzi are more loathsome than these hacks. I mean, Lizzie Grubman? Please.

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