Full Album Streams This Week

AOL only keeps these things up for a week, so listen while you can. Try before you buy.

Smashing Pumpkins, ‘Zeitgeist’

Interpol, ‘Our Love to Admire’

Spoon, ‘Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga’

Nick Drake, ‘Family Tree’

Gabby Glaser, ‘Gimme Splash’

They Might Be Giants, ‘The Else’

Various, ‘Healing the Divide’

One thought on “Full Album Streams This Week”

  1. Zeitgeist sucks. I listened to the whole thing. This is the worst album to bear the Pumpkins name. Barely a step above Zwan.

    I rank the Pumpkins as follows:

    Billy = 5

    Iha = 4

    D’arcy = 3

    Auf de Maur =1

    Jimmy = 0

    To reform the band and legitimately call it The Smashing Pumpkins you need a total minimum score of at least 10.

    That means that a line-up of Billy, Iha and Auf De Maur would be a legitimate Pumpkins reunion. Sad (without D’arcy), but acceptable.

    Any other combination is a Billy Corigan masterbation session.

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