GLONO Founders Retreat

Glorious Noise Founders RetreatThe following photos might look like just a bunch of wasted white dudes playing video games in a freezing garage, but no. There’s more to it than that. Way more.

What you’re about to see is a sneak peak behind the scenes into the Glorious Noise Founders Retreat at the annual Brutus Snowfest in the wilderness of Northern Michigan. The idea is that each year a cabal of sharp music strategists—including the gang that founded this very web site—gather for a weekend symposium to hash out an issues agenda for the future of rock and roll.

Our intention, as it is every year, was to compile our findings into a de facto rock and roll platform to be distributed via Glorious Noise. Unfortunately, the summit meeting’s results proved to be not only unpublishable, but utter gibberish.

Ah… madness, madness… where will it end?

At least this year, we managed to capture some photos of the strategy sessions. And perhaps, if you look closely, you will be able to catch an approximation of where our minds were headed…

9 thoughts on “GLONO Founders Retreat”

  1. Hold the god-damn phone; Guitar Hero was played and there was no Josh R.?!

    Also – Brutus? Why, God?

  2. I’m with n8; it looks like you guys froze your balls off! (not literally; I’m not privy to that info, thank Jimi).

  3. Eight years later I think it’s safe to admit I borrowed much of the text of this from Hunter S. Thompson’s “Elko” memo as published in his collection of letters, Fear and Loathing in America: The Gonzo Letters, Volume II, 1968-1975 (pages 581-587), edited by David Brinkley. And “Ah… madness, madness… where will it end?” is a direct rip.

  4. That was a solid session with Boyd and JTL at the mic. Ahh…memories. I think its time for a reunion tour.

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