GLONO Video: The Chamber Strings (Part 2 of 4)

Kevin Junior Angel City Studios, Chicago 1997The second act of a three-part documentary on Chicago’s rock and roll tragedy, the Chamber Strings.

Act Two starts off with the band meeting with producer Thom Monaghan (Pernice Bros.) to record their follow-up, A Month of Sundays, which singer Kevin Junior described as “Dusty in Memphis meets All Things Must Pass.” More touring on the critical success of the album found the band reaching out to new audiences and building a fan base from Chicago to New York to San Francisco to…Boise. The band felt that they were on the verge.

“And then everything unraveled.”

Heroin, death, depression, theft, lies, mania. The Chamber Strings enter the second act of their classic tragedy. No more songs…

Watch Part One, Part Three, and Part Four.

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