GLONO Video: The Chamber Strings (Part 3 of 4)

Kevin Junior at Double Door, Chicago, October 2006 Chapter three picks up with Chamber Strings front man Kevin Junior suddenly without a band but with a heroin problem. Years spent bouncing from Chicago to Akron, Ohio, to Los Angeles, to Berlin to London take their toll and Junior faces the End. Along the way he passes a cast of characters from homeless poets to Nikki Sudden, in whom he finds a kindered spirit and sometime drug partner.

Hear excerpts of Kevin Junior performing several new, unrecorded Chamber Strings songs.

The Chamber Strings (Part 3)

And you thought that was the end. But wait, there’s more! Stay tuned for Part Four…

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4 thoughts on “GLONO Video: The Chamber Strings (Part 3 of 4)”

  1. I too am grateful for these films and anxious for part 4. Part 3 was grim viewing but ultimately, inspiring — if Kevin can come back from the precipice he faced, we too can be strong enough to face our demons and conquer any challenges! Kevin is to be admired for that, as are Anthony, Tim, Jason and Carolyn for their compassion. I LOVE THIS BAND!

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