Graceland To Be Overhauled

No indication of any upcoming changes to the mansion, but it sounds like the visitors center is going to be completed redone. Elvis Managers Plan Graceland Overhaul:

Graceland’s current visitors center, souvenir shops and museums were cobbled together by renovating a small strip mall across the street from what the Elvis faithful affectionately call “the mansion.” The new plans call for leveling all that and building a 80,000-square-foot visitors center designed from the ground up for handling big crowds and high-tech exhibits.

There’s still no timeline set, but apparently Elvis Presley Enterprises has been buying up land around Graceland “for years” in order to move everything to the same side of Elvis Presley Boulevard as the mansion. Right now, you buy your tickets across the street and have to wait for a silly shuttle bus to drive you over there.

Elvis Presley – Flip, Flop and Fly / Shake, Rattle and Roll

One thought on “Graceland To Be Overhauled”

  1. I think they should combine it with the Haunted Mansion, and you ride Doom Buggies through Graceland as ghostly Elvi chase you while you listen to ‘Clambake’.

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