Happy Sixth Birthday to Glorious Noise

Rock and roll can change your life.Oh man, we almost forgot our own birthday… If Glorious Noise was a kid he’d be in, like, first grade or something. Jeez, we’ve been doing this for a long time now. Six years!

Now, some of you might be thinking, Hey, didn’t you guys just celebrate your fifth birthday with a party for yourselves in October? Well, yeah we did. But sometimes it takes us a while to get going on things. So our fifth birthday party was eight months late. Oops.

But yeah, happy birthday to us. Read back over the archives and enjoy.

Previous birthdays

• 2002: Happy Birthday to Glorious Noise!

• 2003 :Terrible Twos: Happy Birthday to Us!

• 2004: Happy Birthday! Three is a Magic Number!

• 2005: Glorious Noise is Four Years Old

• 2006 (belated): The Black and Orange Ball: GLONO’s Fifth Birthday Party

4 thoughts on “Happy Sixth Birthday to Glorious Noise”

  1. Happy Birthday GloNo! Certain record stores owe you quite a bit of gratitude!

    Hmm…I just had my 4 year GloNoversary last month.

  2. what i wanna know is…when is the black and orange ball footage gonna be up?

    i know i’m a newcomer and all but…yay glono…i love this website. like i’ve said before, it’s my new balance.

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