Hats Off to Jenny

When we think of Jenny McCarthy, it isn’t—um, entirely—due to her appearance as Miss October 1993. No, we recall her many turns on various MTV programs, back when MTV actually interrupted its music with shows, like Singled Out. When we think of Jenny McCarthy, presently shilling various books about maternity, occasionally vamping in various forgettable movies (we’d name them, but. . .damn! what was it?), we don’t think of, well, hats.

Evidentially, we are missing something because McCarthy, on May 4, will participate, along with various suites from Chrysler Group, in announcing the grand prize winner of the “Hats Off to the Derby” national hat design contest. The Derby in question, of course, is the Kentucky Derby. To be sure, people are known for wearing hats there. McCarthy is well known for not wearing a whole lot of clothes. But hats?

There is even a more twisted aspect to all of this. According to the news release detailing the award, “The hat had to be inspired by the styling of the all-new 2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and utilize a portion of the soft top fabric in the design.” It is ugly enough on the road. But on someone’s mellon?

So let’s get this straight: Playboy, MTV, motherhood, horses, hats, cars, and canvas? This may take celebrity to convoluted places it’s never been.

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