Idolator’s 2006 Jackin’ Pop Results

Percolator has released its Jackin’ Pop Survey 2006 poll wherein 497 critics and writers agreed that Gnarls Barkley ruled the year.

Participants included: Robert Christgau, Chuck Eddy, Anthony DeCurtis, Franklin Bruno, Johnny Walker (Black), Peter Margasak, and a bunch of bloggers (the bloggiest of whom don’t know how to work the {Shift} key).

Congrats to Michaelangelo Matos for compiling the brute. And down with New Times Village Voice Media!

6 thoughts on “Idolator’s 2006 Jackin’ Pop Results”

  1. you forgot to mention that it features the world-reknowned music figurehead jake brown. oh, and i KNOW how to use the shift key, i just am not a big fan of having to use two different cases of letters. ever since i read herbert bayer’s viewpoint on the subject, i’ve sparingly used uppercase (other than in business correspondence.)

  2. Congrats, Jake – you have coined a great new word; “bloggiest”.

    Now to figure out who is the bloggiest of all.

  3. I’m happy TV On the Radio took the top spot. And “Crazy” is a killer single. But the Gnarls Barkley CD blows. It doesn’t deserve #7. The Thermals should’ve placed higher than 27. But this was fun. Here’s my poll.

    Lookin forward to Pazz n Jop results. I voted there too. That’ll certainly have a higher sample than 500 (more like 1,500). Initially Jackin Pop claimed they’d have around 1200 polls. Wonder what happened.

  4. Lep –

    Short answer – no. Check out “Steady Rollin” if you have a chance. But the record is best enjoyed as a whole, rather than through singles.

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