iTunes Plus Won’t Let You Have It Both Ways

Remember this model?Personally, I’ve been screwed over by Apple enough times to know it’s never worth it to be an early adopter with their products. But grouchy industry geezer Bob Lefsetz jumped right into iTunes Plus, and was not impressed:

“When I go to buy a car, they don’t say if I want to LOOK at the one loaded up with options I can no longer look at the base model. Unless I remember that there are multiple levels and I go into the manager’s office and sign a waiver. And then I can’t look at the EXPENSIVE version unless I go back into the office!”

As with most software, it’s a good idea to wait for that inevitable bug-fix release before installing anything.

Update: Songs sold without DRM still have a user’s full name and account e-mail embedded in them. Fuck you.

One thought on “iTunes Plus Won’t Let You Have It Both Ways”

  1. Not having an easy way to access the DRM and non-DRM tracks strikes me as irrelevant. The majority of people will want one or the other, and it’s not that hard to switch if you really decide you want something different.

    As for the embedding of user information, it’s a shame but it’s no surprise. It’s even easier to break than the DRM, though, and really, it only affects you if you’re going to pirate the music. As opposed to DRM, which can bite you in many ways.

    It’s progress. Be happy for that, and don’t be surprised that not everything was fixed in one go.

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