GLONO Video: Jesse Malin, Hardcore Troubadour

Jesse Malin live at SchubasA two-part Glorious Noise video feature on New York based singer/songwriter Jesse Malin. Part one details Malin’s musical journey from 80s New York hardcore band Heart Attack to fronting D Generation in the 90s to his current solo career. Includes interview clips and several live performances from an October 2006 solo performance at Schubas in Chicago.

Part two focuses on Jesse’s new album Glitter In The Gutter, out now on Warner imprint Adeline Records, and includes more live performances from that Schubas show.

Part 1

Part 2

MP3s from previous releases: “Hotel Columbia” from The Heat, and “Queen of the Underworld” from The Fine Art of Self Destruction. Via insound.

Video directed by John Boston. Photos by Terri Nelles.

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  1. That was a great feature on Jesse. Thanks for sharing that with us! Keep these video features coming, I always enjoy them.

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