JTL on Dino Jr in A2

Johnny Loftus catches the reunited Dinosaur Jr at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor in the middle of their current club tour:

The heat in the room, the terrible sight lines, the spotty sound, the band’s mild irritability and a set list that sometimes stalled – it all worked in Dinosaur’s favor. This was not a Reunion Show, with formal wear and fancy seats and tickets that are priced to discourage losers from attending. This was a rock show in all of its hit-or-miss un-glory…

Johnny covered the 2004 Sebadoh reunion for GLONO back in the day: The Beauty of the Rebound.

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Beyond MP3s:

Dinosaur Jr – “Been There All The Time”

Dinosaur Jr – “We’re Not Alone”

Dinosaur Jr – “Almost Ready”

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