Loftus on Lollapalooza

Our man Johnny Loftus covers Lollapalooza for Detour magazine.

We didn’t see many of the same bands, and didn’t agree on a few of the sets we watched together, but I’m glad the barfing girl made it into his piece, too: “…overserved teen-agers were vomiting all the colors of the American Apparel rainbow that hot afternoon (really; we saw that happen)…”

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One thought on “Loftus on Lollapalooza”

  1. Excellent eyewitness account from the Bard himself. He definitely lets you know how it was, without pussyfooting or sugarcoating. The “Detour hadn’t thought of… Detour says…” etc. self-reference is a skosh pretentious, but if an egotistical editor thinks it makes the article better and forces its inclusion, so be it…

    That last photo of all the Lollapalozers wearily trudging homeward with the skyline in the background, the image at a tilt, is fucking genius. Excellent photo!!

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