Maldroid and YouTube Redefine Paying Dues

Video Made the Radio Star by GLONO alum Nate Seltenrich. Nate tells us, “This is a cover story I wrote, published today in the East Bay Express, about an Oakland pop-rock band that took a path to success unlike any other in the history of the music biz.

“Maldroid has built itself on music videos, catalyzed by winning Best Video in the YouTube Underground video contest last November. Founder and lead singer (and art school dropout) Ryan Divine started animating the comic book-style video that won the contest—a take on a-ha’s “Take On Me”—in October 2004, before he had a band to perform it (Maldroid didn’t come together until March ’06), and before YouTube itself even existed.”

As seen on Good Morning America!

Maldroid – Heck No! (I’ll Never Listen To Techno)

Maldroid – He Said, She Said

One thought on “Maldroid and YouTube Redefine Paying Dues”

  1. Christ – whatever happens, don’t let the city of Boston see that Lite-BRite video. MASS hysteria (get it – Boston MASS, haha).

    Pretty cool band and story.

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