May’s Most Popular GLONO Items

10 (last month: 8). The OC Finale: A Summer Without Summer – Our Season One wrap-up.

9 (5). GLONO Interview: Larry Crane, Archivist of Elliott Smith’s Estate – Interest in New Moon is still strong, but this piece slides four positions.

8 (-). Smashing Pumpkins – Tarantula – Lots of people wanted to hear the first new single from Billy and His Hired Hands.

7 (7). What Became of the Likely Lads? Everybody loves the Libertines.

6 (9). Contest: How Long Will Pete Doherty Be Free? This contest ended over a year ago—which reminds me, I don’t think we ever sent out the prizes to the winner… Contact us!

5 (2). The Final OC Finale (Finally) – Perhaps Google still hasn’t discovered this one?

See the final four after the jump…

4 (-). Review: Wilco – Blue Sky Blue – The highest new entry on the chart this month.

3 (4). Coachella 2006 – We’re sad that Stacey couldn’t make it to Indio this year, but she was too busy turning shit around at Spin magazine.

2 (3). That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore – People still love this story.

1 (1). t.A.T.u. &amp 2003: The Year That Junk Broke? – This has been #1 since we started charting this data. Will it ever get knocked out of the top spot?

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