Miki Berenyi remembers Lush

Miki BerenyiUnder the Radar interviews Miki Berenyi of Lush:

Lollapalooza was a genuine rollercoaster. I did find it difficult to accept the astonishingly macho attitudes… And there was a lot of use and abuse of groupies. I guess everyone involved would say that the girls were willing participants, but a naïve ‘nobody’ is likely to overstep their normal boundaries of their behaviour if they think they will get attention from someone they idolise, and that can lead to rather sordid and upsetting situations ripe for exploitation. That said, there was a genuine sense of euphoria and enjoyment on the tour.

Sadly, there’s no Lush reunion in the foreseeable future. “Not sure how enthusiastic the support would be if they realized that bringing back Miki Berenyi would deliver a 40-year-old office employee with graying hair who’s still struggling to shift the weight from her last pregnancy.”

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YouTube: Lush – “Ladykillers”

4 thoughts on “Miki Berenyi remembers Lush”

  1. who cares about your weight? indie music is a higher art than mainstream music. u can be sexy with your ideas. i don’t care if you’re 400lbs.

  2. Miki,

    Met you backstage at the “Empire” in Cleveland, Ohio in the early 90’s. Would die to get the chance to be your drummer for 25th anniversary Lush reunion. You and Emma are the tops.

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