Mischa Barton in Finding t.A.T.u

Variety tells us that Marissa Cooper is going to star in the upcoming Russian coming-of-age drama “Finding t.A.T.u,” which starts shooting in Moscow later this month.

The movie is adapted from the novel “t.A.T.u come back” by Russian writer A. Mitrofanov.

Set against a background of music, Internet chatrooms and hedonistic Russian nightlife, it’s the story of a lonely American teenager in Moscow who becomes friends with a local girl over their shared obsession with pop band t.A.T.u.


t.A.T.u come back

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Taty Kam Bek

Wikipedia tells us that the novel is a “text message collection […] about two girls, Yana and Lana who fall in love at a concert of pop group t.A.T.u.”

This is going to be amazing.

t.A.T.u. – “All About Us” (uncensored)

8 thoughts on “Mischa Barton in Finding t.A.T.u”

  1. I’m stunned. But I’ll be first in line.

    On a side-note… how cool is YouTube now? With the rollover video menu pop-up thing – I mean it’s probably actually annoying, but they’ve really got their shit worked out. $1.5 Billion indeed.

  2. Just what we need, more faux lesbian tripe.

    Tatu aren’t really gay anyway.

    G for gross, and zero for integrity.

    Russia, hardly a paragon of tolerance for gays in that country anyway.

  3. This sounds fantastic. t.A.T.u. completely steamrollered the charts (and still do) with their mock-rock/punk attitude, and have millions of fans worldwide. Looking at their forums, it’s only natural that two fans get together. And here’s a film about just that, and if it’s based on t.A.T.u, it’s gonna be an exhilerating roller-coaster of emotion. Ben through it, wanna go through it again. Ace.

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