More on the Weezer Demos Compilation

Rivers Cuomo talks to Alternative Press about his new collection of demos, Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo. He reveals that it will contain several tracks from the scrapped Songs From The Black Hole concept album (“Blast Off,” “Who You Calling Bitch,” “Dude We’re Finally Landing,” “Superfriend”), but downplays the significance of that project:

I think the whole Black Hole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion in people’s minds. It’s really like–it’s just, like, a third of an album that was sketched out and most of the songs on it weren’t really written specifically for The Black Hole; they were written before I conceived of The Black Hole and then I reshaped them a little bit for The Black Hole and then after I abandoned that idea, I unshaped them and put them on Pinkerton, so besides that, there are a handful or two of scraps of mostly interstitial pieces that aren’t really songs, and then there may be just a couple of full songs that were written for The Black Hole. So it’s really not that big of a deal.

Oh, but it’s still a bigger deal than anything else going on in Weezerville…

MP3: Weezer – “Blast Off!” (courtesy of the Songs From The Black Hole fan site.)

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