Morrissey gives good head

According to Billboard, opening act Kristeen Young was booted from the Morrissey tour for saying rude things:

According to reports at, some audience members were chanting “Morrissey” during Young’s set, to which she replied, “Morrissey gives good head, I mean, er, cunnilingus…”

She opened when I saw Morrissey last year, and it was one of the most grating performances I’ve ever witnessed. Even from the relative cloister of the Aragon Ballroom’s Casbah lounge, her obnoxious screeching was still far too penetrating. Imagine, if you can, a louder, less musical, more affected Dresden Dolls. It’s hard, I know.

Read Young’s full statement after the jump…

From Kristeen Young’s MySpace Blog, TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT:

My band, KRISTEENYOUNG, have been asked to leave the Morrissey tour. Although I have been advised not to respond or issue a statement, my feelings are that I must. We have been asked to leave because of something I said on stage at The Hammerstein Ballroom, in New York City, this past Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the statement has been perceived as being profane (when, actually, one of the two words in question is a scientific term found in junior high, health class text books, and the other word, I feel most would agree, is lightweight slang) or defamatory. What I said was part of a thread of stage statements I made throughout our set. They were metaphorical and overstated to make an artistic point. The “offending” statement, in particular, was in no way a literal statement, and was very much in keeping with the tone of my writing in general. I reach for beauty and intelligence in my lyrics, but try to retain a bit of the everyday in them. Maybe the statement was a bit TOO everyday. Maybe I misjudged… but I meant no harm. I love Morrissey with all of my heart, soul, body, spirit, to the core of my existence and always will. These will be the only words I will ever write or speak on the subject ever again. Please don’t ask for an interview or e-mail me with questions. Thanks to those who understand and who are brave enough to say so.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Girl In A Coma will be the new opener for the rest of Morrissey’s tour.

MP3: Girl in a Coma – “Clumsy Sky” from Both Before I’m Gone (Blackheart Records) (courtesy of Gibson Lifestyle)

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