My Bloody Valentine to Reunite?

THIS summer’s not even over yet and the NME is already hyping rumors for next summer’s Coachella fest headliners. The festival has recently served a community service by luring dormant great acts out of retirement—most recently rage Against the Machine and The Jesus and Mary Chain—and is now rumored to be pulling at Kevin Shields’ ear…or pocket book.

Today’s NME reports that My Bloody Valentine is next year’s candidate to reunite in the desert. True to form, they cite no actual evidence but if it’s journalistic integrity you’re after, then you’re not reading the NME anyway.

Countdown to the next Stone Roses or Smiths reunion: 10…9…8…7…


MBV – Soon

2 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine to Reunite?”

  1. My bet would be on the Stone Roses next. I think Morrissey once said he woudld rather eat his own testicles than reunite the Smiths!

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