Neil Young Archives Trailer Live

Exciting news on the Archives front. Reprise has a beautiful landing page with a great trailer embedded that should raise the heart rate of any fan. There’s even a clip of Neil showing some freaky hippy in a park how to play the “Cinnamon Girl” intro and clips of rehearsals from the Barn – yes, THAT barn.

September seems to be the favored date of release and all signs are looking good. Of course, this is from the man who halted an entire first pressing of Decade when a reporter interviewing him about the impending release questioned the omission of one song.

2 thoughts on “Neil Young Archives Trailer Live”

  1. “should raise the heart rate of any fan”


    This will make my year… if it actually comes out. (It’s still really hard to believe that we may FINALLY get to hear it!)

    Thanks for the link, Derek!

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